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About Black Spinel Bracelets

Black spinel is a mineral that is composed of magnesium oxide and magnesium-aluminum oxide. It is one of the rarest gemstones, but also one of the most mysterious. Many people are unaware of its existence, and no one knows from where its name originated. It is speculated that it originated from the Latin word "Spinella," which stands for "little thorn," but there is also a belief that it comes from the Greek word "Spinos," which means sparkle or spark.

This rare and secret gem, when adorned in jewelry, can bring out the hidden diva in you who is bold and beautiful. Here is your chance to make a strong fashion statement with black spinel bracelets. Their distinctive designs and striking motifs make the experience more personal for each woman. Pick the one that appeals to you the most and experience a boost with this symbol of growth and vitality.

Black spinel bracelet buying guide

  • Ideal Color:

    Different ranges of black, from inky black to very dark black. A striking black hue is the ideal one.

  • Ideal Clarity:

    Eye-clean, with no visible flaws

  • Ideal Cut:

    Well-proportioned cut with overall brilliance. It comes in a variety of shapes, including the fancier ones.

  • Carat:

    Easily available in larger sizes as well. Like; level of color, clarity and cut effects the price, increase in carat too contributes to that.

FAQs About Black Spinel Bracelets

  1. Who can wear black spinel bracelets?

    Black spinel is the August birthstone, thus it is ideal for people born in August.

  2. How much is black spinel worth?

    1 carat of black spinel will cost you $200–500.

  3. Why is black spinel expensive?

    Black spinel’s rarity makes it an expensive gemstone.

  4. Does black spinel have healing properties?

    Yes, black spinel absorbs all the negativity around and empowers one with a healthy state of mind.

  5. Does black spinel scratch easily?

    No, black spinel is a very durable gemstone with a score of 8 on the Mohs scale.