Black Spinel Education

Black Spinel Education

Black Spinel is a semi-precious gemstone with the mineral content of magnesium oxide and magnesium aluminum oxide. The birthstone of August is speculated to get its name either from Latin word “Spinella” meaning little thorn or from Greek word “Spinos” translating to sparkle. The earliest references to Spinel mines can be found in the diary of Marco Polo (1254-1324 AD). And for a long time the black gemstone was thought to be a member of the corundum family.

Black Spinel Collection

Why We Love Black Spinel


Black is Versatile

Black Spinel at all time is favored for its black color which makes the gemstone versatile to go with any outfit.


Rarity and Affordable

Black Spinel is rare in nature but it tends to be quite affordable when compared with Black Diamonds.


Metaphysical Benefits

Black Spinel helps the wearer to get rid of resentments, expel feelings of sadness and find calmness.


Quality Factors



The coloration of Black Spinel can range from inky black to stark dark of the night sky. The chosen gemstone should be free of any secondary tones.



The absence of eye visible inclusions makes its easier to bring out clarity in Black Spinel by the means of faceting.



The faceted Black Spinel can be cut into the common shapes like round, oval, pear and cushion. At times, it can be cut into various fancy cuts.



Black Spinel can be cut into stones of different sizes, carat weight can range from the weight of accent stone to the weight of a center stone.



How is a Black Spinel formed?

In nature, Spinel is formed by metamorphic activity in which molten rock gets combined with limestone or dolomites. A deposit resembling a mineral within the rock is left behind and when mined, it further leaves a black gemstone behind which is in similitude with the qualities of rubies and sapphires.

What is difference between lab grown and natural Black Spinel?

Like most of the gemstones, there is an option to choose between natural and lab-created Black Spinel. One must not confuse “lab grown” with the “fake”. While synthetic is a replica the lab grown is developed in a controlled lab environment.
Generally, lab created Black Spinel tend to be free from inclusions and blemishes and are found to be inexpensive as compared to their natural counterparts.

Where do Black Spinel come from?

Black Spinel usually occurs along with mining of ruby and sapphire. The most common mining sites for this gemstone are found in Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

How to take care of Black Spinel Ring?

Black Spinel Ring is quite easy to clean due to their hardness and durability. However, a few things must be kept in mind like avoiding contact of the gemstone with make-up, harsh chemicals, abrasives.
While cleaning the ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the Black Spinel.
Also, the ring must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches.

What is a Black Spinel certification?

The most common Black Spinel Certifications includes from GIA, IGL and HRD labs. It is usually a document you receive on the behalf of the aforementioned 3rd party labs which describes a Spinel in all of its characteristics.
Each and every party’s defining grounds may defer.

How much does a 1 Carat Black Spinel cost?

The average price of 1 Carat Black Spinel can fall anywhere between $200-$500 per carat depending on the quality.


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