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About Black Spinel Necklace

The spinel family's naturally occurring black spinel gemstone is a very rare mineral. It is often confused with gems like black tourmaline, black diamonds, and black onyx. It is a stone of growth and vitality that has the ability to heal its wearer.

Black Spinel pendant necklaces or other black spinel jewelery is very significant to wear for the purpose they serve. Along with that, you get to flaunt your powerful black style statement. Give a new edge to your personality with Black Spinel Necklaces that are made available to you in unique designs and eye-catching motifs at Rosec Jewels. Jewelry with purpose and style is a rare combination, and you must not miss this chance.

Things to look for before Buying Black Spinel Pendant Necklace

  • Color: Black Spinel is not just black but different ranges of black color from inky black to very dark black. The good thing is that the color has not secondary tones and thus is an ideal option if you are looking for pure and striking black hue.
  • Clarity:  There are no visible flaws in the black spinel gemstone but it do have inclusions and cracks. But with right faceting it can be made to reflect light brilliantly.
  • Cut: Black spinel can be cut in many shapes including the fancier ones.
  • Carat: Black spinels can be seen in all shapes and sizes. It is easily available is larger sizes as well. Depending on your spending intention you can choose the size of the stone.


  1. Is Black Spinel is same as Black Onyx ?

    No, both are different gemstones. The only things about them is their color. Black spinel belongs to the spinel family but black onyx is a type of quartz.

  2. Is Black Spinel a precious stone ?

    Black spinel is not a precious stone but a semi precious stone.

  3. Is black spinel valuable ?

    Yes, black spinel is valued for its beauty and rarity. it is one of the most valued semi precious gem of the world.

  4. How to identify black spinel ?

    It is very sparkling, highly reflective without any metallic overtone.

  5. How to take care of black spinel ?

    Avoid the exposure of heat and wrap your black spinel jewelry in soft cloth to store it.

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