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Black Spinel Rings

Flaunt your exotic style every day by slipping on a piece of Black Spinel Ring! Handcrafted in an amalgamation of classic, vintage, and modern pieces, our Black Spinel sparklers are sure to captivate your attention. Explore our collection to see that yourself!

What is Black Spinel Ring?

Renowned as the birthstone of August, Black Spinel hails from the semi-precious family of gemstones. In case you were wondering, ‘Spinel’ derives its name from the Latin word ‘Spina,’ which translates to thorn. Speaking of its fashion-savvy aesthetics, it allures with a deep jet-black color.

Besides that, the symbolism of a Black Spinel Ring is something that makes it such a desirable pick. Let’s have a look:

What does Black Spinel symbolize?

Similar to its powerful hue, Black Spinel is highly regarded as a protective stone. Thanks to that, it works as a miraculous stone for warding off negative energies and sadness. Since ancient times, it is worn as an epitome of devotion, longevity, and passion, which is precisely why it makes for such a meaningful Black Spinel Engagement Ring. Apart from that, it works wonders for instilling a sense of empowerment and inspiration in the life of the wearer. It also lends a sense of balance to our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. 

Having said that, let’s get to the most exciting part and find your favorite among the wide pool of trendy Black Spinel Gold Rings that we carry!

Our Fashionable Assortment of Black Spinel Gold Rings

  • Black Spinel Solitaire Ring

    Adorned with the Centerpiece of Black Spinel that single-handedly captures all attention, a Solitaire Ring is one of the most classic choices of rings out there! The size of Black Spinel here is comparatively enormous, i.e., 6 MM or more. A Solitaire-style Black Spinel Engagement Ring is the go-to emblem of love for couples who like to abide by conventions but also fancy the bold pop of black. The Black Spinel Solitaire could range from the understated round shape to fancier Marquise, Pear, and even go beyond to give off a vintage vibe by being fashioned in princess or Cushion, Emerald, or Asscher cut.

  • Black Spinel Three Stone Ring

    Slightly unconventional and extravagant, this Three Stone Ring is fashioned with three flashy stones of Black Spinel arranged in a row. If you desire an extra splash of black, it is your best bet for it. Additionally, the symbolic meaning of the Black Spinel Ring fashioned in this style is sure to speak to those leaning towards it for commemorating engagements, weddings, etc. That’s because it celebrates the couple’s beautiful journey of togetherness with each of the three stones signifying past, present, and future respectively.

  • Black Spinel Halo Ring

    Lending an interesting visual appeal to the Black Spinel Solitaire Ring, a Halo encircles the Black Spinel with a parade of diamond/moissanite. The best part about a Halo is that it rewards more personality as well as an illusion of a larger-looking size to your Black Spinel. So, it is a unique blend of classic and flashy. That makes it another popular choice of the Black Spinel Engagement Ring. 

  • Black Spinel Eternity Ring

    Black Spinel Eternity Ring is encrusted with a row of identically-sized Black Spinel that just like the name suggests, has no start or end. So, if you can’t get enough of the bold black pop of Spinel, this ring could be the one for you. This Black Spinel Ring isn’t all aesthetics but also holds a much deeper meaning. It resonates with the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime, i.e, eternal (which is also what makes it a highly treasured Black Spinel Wedding Ring).

  • Black Spinel Wedding Band

    Just like the eternity, a Black Spinel Wedding Ring is also studded with a Black Spinel all over the band. It could be a classic Black Spinel Band Ring that is crafted to blend with your engagement ring. Or even exude more eye-striking aesthetics with its floral motifs, vintage detailing, and more! It is exchanged as a token of lifelong togetherness that commemorates the union of two as one on the auspicious occasion of the Wedding.

  • Black Spinel Promise Ring

    Black Spinel Promise Ring might insinuate a specific meaning but it isn’t confined to a specific style. It can range from a Simple Solitaire Ring that exudes an understated aesthetic with a size of 4 MM or even less. Or for an exquisite visual appeal, be ornately detailed with nature-inspired designs, flower, and infinity motifs, or sparkling accents of Diamond/Moissanite. Behind that, it reflects upon the promise of eternal commitment (that usually precedes an engagement). 

  • Vintage Black Spinel Ring

    Ornamented with iconic designs from Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras, a Vintage-inspired Black Spinel Gold Ring is meant to exude an old-school vibe. It boasts artistic abstract patterns and intricately crafted milgrain, filigree, and other retro engravings. What’s more, it speaks to those who like their ring to carry a historic story.


  1. Are Black Spinel Rings valuable?

    This August Birthstone Ring cannot beat precious gemstone rings like ruby and sapphire in value. But despite that, it has managed to make a place of its own. The credit goes to its unique symbolism, astrological benefits, and of course, its rarity. Speaking of its monetary value, the price of a Black Spinel Gold Ring ranges from $250 to $1100 in our collection.

  2. Is Black Spinel good for an engagement ring?

    Yes, absolutely!

    In terms of aesthetics, Black Spinel can prove to be one of the trendiest choices of gemstones for those who fancy an unconventional engagement ring. Besides that, this semi-precious gemstone serves as the symbol of longevity, devotion, and passion which is what makes a Black Spinel Engagement Ring such a meaningful pick.

    Apart from that, Spinel is an impressively durable gemstone, which further makes it a suitable choice for an engagement ring.

  3. How can you tell if Black Spinel is real?

    The difference between a Real and Fake Black Spinel lies in the observation. And the good part is that you don’t have to be a professional to spot it. Here we have come up with some handy ways to figure out the difference:

    1. A Real Black Spinel carries a pure jet-black hue and a unique metallic luster. If your Black Spinel Stones possesses any other overtones, there are high chances of it being a fake one.

    2. Black Spinel is highly prized for its eye-clean (i.e., inclusion-free) clarity. If you spot noticeable impurities are cracks in it, beware- you might be looking at an imitation.

    3. A Natural Black Spinel Gold Ring is highly regarded for its durability. You can test its hardness by scratching the surface with a material that has a lower hardness level, such as glass. If the Black Spinel can scratch the glass, it is likely genuine.

  4. Can you wear Spinel every day?

    Black Spinel registers a fairly durable hardness rating of 8 out of 10 on Mohs Scale. That makes it highly resistant to regular wear and tear. So be it a Black Spinel Eternity Ring or the one fashioned in the Classic Solitaire Style, you can wear it everyday.

  5. Does Black Spinel Ring scratch easily?

    No, it doesn’t.

    Black Spinel is a gemstone that impresses with its hardness of 8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. Thus, it is considered highly resistant to potential scratches and chipping. 

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