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About Black Spinel Earrings

The timelessness of Black color is something else. Such that nobody can ever get bored of donning Black! But did you know Black Spinel is also known to protect against negativity and sadness? That being said, Black Spinel Earrings are truly a great combination of beauty and benefits! Coming in wide variety of styles: Black Spinel Stud Earrings, hoop, dangle and huggie, these go great with any and every outfit for any occasion. And who doesn’t look good in Black? Since Black Spinel Earrings make for such a versatile fashion statement, they have become quite a trendy pick among women, whether for a classic work look or an elegant party look. Being highly reflective, the shine of Black Spinel Earrings makes it an appealing pick for all. In fact, the name ‘Spinel’ is itself believed to be derived from the Greek word ‘Spinos,’ which means sparkle.

Apart from that, if we talk about the value that Black Spinel holds for people, it possesses great healing properties and is even known to have ties with root chakra. That being said, let’s discuss some of the most popular styles of Black Spinel Earrings individually:

  • Black Spinel Stud Earrings: Combining the simplicity of Stud Earrings and the glamour of Black Spinel, Black Spinel Stud Earrings make for a perfect pick for daily wear.
  • Black Spinel Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings have become quite a trendy pick for a classic work look as well as a fashionable party wear look and when combined with the glamoirous Black shine Black Spinel, its beauty becomes unparalleled.
  • Black Spinel Dangle Earrings: Black Spinel Dangle Earrings make for a loud and expressive fashion statement for you to embrace the sassy diva in you.
  • Black Spinel Huggie Earrings: The glamour of hoop earrings but in a smaller size that hugs the earlobes just right! Yes, that’s what Huggie Earrings are all about. That combined with the jet black spark of Black Spinel makes for a modish yet simple style statement.

Benefits of Black Spinel Earrings

  • The first and foremost benefit of Black Spinel is that it is known to protect against negativity and sadness. 
  • It is also known to have claming effects on the nervous system and enhance the mental recovery of the wearer as well. 
  • It is also known to strenghten relationships, thus making Black Spinel Earrings a profound gift for your significant other as well. 

Get to know the 4 Cs of Black Spinel Earrings

  • Cut: Being cut with great intricacy by our artisans, the shape of Black Spinel Earrings ranges from Round, Asscher, Marquise to beautiful floral and heart.
  • Clarity: Polished Black Spinel is known to possess glass like clarity with no visible blemishes, thus making its jet black lustre and shine all the more evident.
  • Color: The well polished color of Black Spinel is no less than a night sky. The color of Black Spinel earrings is pure black.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Black Spinel Earrings ranges from 0.01 to around 2 CT.


  1. Is Black Spinel naturally black?

    The fun fact about Black Spinel is that it is by nature, purely jet black no less dark than the color of night sky. It doesn’t need any kind of synthetic enhancement to get its color. That’s why it is even referred to as Natural Black Spinel.

  2. Can Black Spinel Earrings be worn everyday?

    Black Spinel Earrings have been known for its toughnes and hardness. In fact, on Moh’s scale, it is known to have a hardness of around 8 out of 10, thus making it a durable pick for daily wear. It is known to take the wear and tear of everyday use quite well. You can adorn Black Spinel Stud Earrings or Huggie Earrings for regular use to make a simple yet classic fashion statement.

  3. What is the chakra associated with Black Spinel?

    The chakra associated with Black Spinel is called earth chakra that is known to realign your energies with earth, thus helping you with inflammation and emotional healing as well. That also helps you enhance your communication.

  4. What metal options are available in Black Spinel Earrings?

    To help you make a timeless fashion statement, we avail our Black Spinel Earrings in Solid Gold Metal with a number of color options including rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Don’t black and gold together make for the most alluring and classy fashion statement after all?

  5. What are the healing properties of Black Spinel for women?

    Being a Birthstone of August, Black Spinel is known to possess great physical healing properties for women, including helping with problems related to bladder, intestines and reproductive system. See, how you can combine beauty with benefits by donning these natural Black Spinel Earrings.

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