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About Black Spinel Wedding Rings

Black spinel wedding rings are the non-traditional pick of rings to mark the wedding ceremony. The wedding bands adorned with the black spinel will be an expression of the bold and unique personality of your beloved. Choose from the out of the box ring styles and give more meaning to the wedding vows. The fantastic collection of black spinel bands for wedding, boasting the fine handcrafted details will appeal to the hearts of women from different walks of lives.

The hard to miss charm and glamour of our black spinel rings for engagement and wedding come in plethora of designs with the culmination of different standard and fancy spinel shapes, fine metal embellishments in adorable shades of gold and the settings used to mount the spinel. We, at Rosec Jewels, adhere to the quality factors essential to assure utmost quality in the black spinel band ring finding way in the lives of newly wed brides.

Black Spinel Wedding Ring Benefit

Wearing black spinel wedding band can help the wearer to get rid of resentments and find calmness.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Black Spinel Wedding Bands

  • Color: Black spinel color ranges from inky black to stark dark of the night sky. Any other piece with a secondary tone should be avoided while buying spinel wedding bands.
  • Clarity: The black spinel in wedding rings must be examined for any eye-visible inclusions if there are any. Inclusions can fetch lower quality of the black spinel rings.
  • Cut: Natural black spinel rough can be cut into almost all shapes such as round, oval, pear and cushion. At times, it can be cut into various fancy cuts for specific engagement ring and wedding band designs.
  • Carat: Black spinel can be cut into stones of different sizes, carat weight can range from the weight of accent stone to the weight of a center stone.

Black Spinel Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is black spinel good for a wedding ring?

    The hardness, durability and the signature black color of the black spinel makes it a desirable gemstone to craft amazing spinel wedding rings.

  2. What does a black spinel wedding ring mean?

    When worn as wedding band rings, black spinel becomes an embodiment of power, charisma and stability.

  3. How much will a black spinel wedding band cost me?

    A spinel wedding band can fall between the price range of $500 - $2000 depending on quality factors of the black spinel as well as the type and quality of gold used in crafting gold wedding rings.

  4. How to clean my black spinel wedding band at home?

    One should make sure to use lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent while cleaning black spinel wedding band at home. Soft toothbrush or a cotton cloth can be used to clean the underside of the spinel. Avoid using brush directly on the metal surface as it can give rise to scratches on the metal.

  5. What is a SGL certificate for black spinel?

    Gemstone certificates are issued on the behalf of any reputed organization like the SGL which are responsible for defining an black spinel in wedding rings based on all the quality factors namely color, clarity, cut and carat.

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