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About Rhodolite Earrings

When it comes to everyone’s favorite jewelry of all times, ‘Earrings,’ isn’t Red/Magenta a color everybody goes gaga over? For sure because the mere look of these vibrant colors could fill you up with joy and when donned, it looks just as timeless with any outfit. Also because, it can remind you of the lush fresh look of raspberries! Exactly! That quite justifies the craze for lustrous Rhodolite Earrings. Rhodolite, belonging to the Garnet family, are commonly found in purplish red color, similar to raspberries. In fact, Rhodolite name itself is derived from Greek word ‘rhodon’ which means ‘rose colored.’ Truly a color combining royalty and intensity both at once! Since this color has also been an ageless symbol of love and romance, Rhodolite Earrings can make for a perfect gift for your significant other as well. The interesting part is you can combine them with the other gemstones as well to make its spark hard to ressist. For example, the shine of Rhodolite Pearl Earrings is quite hard to ressist.

Magenta in Gold: Combine it with your favorite metal color

The sparkle of Rhodolite combined with the lustre of Gold! Now that’s like a match made in heaven since raspberry red with gold makes for such a timeless combination. The best part is that you can select what goes best with your rhodolite earrings among cuh a versatile metal color options:

Rose Gold

The blushy look of rose gold combined with the rosy color of rhodolite, now that’s what we call a perfect fit.

Yellow Gold

Who can resist the glittering gold beauty of yellow gold metal combined with classic rhodolite!

White gold

The trend for white gold is fast increasing since white goes so well with every gemstone, making it a great pick for your rhodolite earrings.

Get dolled up for any occasion: Rhodolite earrings style options

Rhodolite Stud Earrings:

You name the occasion, Rhodolite Stud Earrings got you covered. Whether you want to go for work donning Round Rhodolite Stud Earrings or want to make a royal fashion statement with pear cut rhodolite stud earrings, the versatality is such that they can go really well for any occasion.

Rhodolite Drop Earrings:

Drop Earrings, loud, feminine and fashionable. And when combined with the grace of rhodolite, who can ressist the charm of rhodolite drop earrings!

Rhdolite Dangle Earrings:

The trend for Dangle Earrings is here to stay. You can don Rhodolite Dangle Earrings to make for a loud and vintage fashion statement.

Benefits of Rhodolite Earrings

  • Apart from the rosy beauty of Rhodolite, it is also known for the spiritual value it holds. It is believed to enhance love, kindness and compassion.
  • It is known to enhance self worth and recover from sexual abuse as well.
  • Having ties with Root and Heart Chakra, Rhodolite Earrings are also known to have divine power providing healing from emotional trauma.

Explore the 4 Cs of Rhodolite Earrings

  • Color: Being credited with highest clarity grade, Rhodolite earrings are believed to possess no visible inclusions.
  • Clarity: The USP of this gemstone is its royal color. It comes in shades of purplish red, magenta and raspberry color.
  • Cut: Talking about the shape of rhodolite earrings, it ranges from round, oval and marquise to princess, cushion and heart.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Rhodolite earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Can Rhodolite Earrings be worn on a regular basis?

    Apart from making a classic yet royal fashion statement by donning Rhodolite Earrings, it is considered to be quite durable as well since it has a rating of 7-7.5 on Moh’s scale. It can take the wear and tear of everyday usage quite well, making it a perfect pick for you. Infact you can wear Rhodolite Stud Earrings on an everyday basis to make for a classic work look.

  2. What is the birthstone of Rhodolite?

    Rhodolite, a semi precious gemstone, is considered to be a birthstone of June and it symbolizes emotional healing, love, spiritual growth and kindness.

  3. Are Rhodolite Earrings expensive?

    Rhodolite Earrings come in a price range of a minimum of around $ 300 to a maximum of $1500, thus giving you a chance to select your favorite pick from the lot.

  4. How to care for Rhodolite Earrings?

    Your precious jewelry definitely calls for some extra care and since little steps go an extra mile, you can care for your Rhodolite Earrings with a mild solution of soap and water, avoiding usage of any harsh chemicals. To make it dry, you can always wipe it off with a clean towel. Apart from that, when combined with regular professional care, the new shine and lustre of your rhodolite earrings can never wear off.

  5. Where is Rhodolite found?

    Rhodolite, belonging to the Garnet family, is believed to be found in Tanzania, North Carolina, Burma, Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

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