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About Rhodolite Necklaces

Often confused with other red and pink gemstones, Rhodolite has stunning rose pink hue. It belongs to garnet family and is derived of Greek word, ‘rhodon’ that means rose referring to the color of the gem. The alluring gemstone when embellished in a pendant necklace only adds to the enhancement of the overall appearance. Rosec Jewels offers you a wide range of rhodolite pendant necklaces and a wide range of rhodolite ring, rhodolite earrings to compliment it well. Be the stunner that you are and attract all the lime light with this rosy pinkish hued gem that looks expensive without burning a hole in your pocket.

Evaluate Rhodolite before buying

  • Cut: It is faceted to maximize the brilliance. In case the cut isn’t done properly the shine of the stone gets compromised. Choose a well cut stone and shape that catches your attention. Popular cuts are cushions, oval, emerald, princess, heart and round. Rhodoite is easy to cut and facet as compared to other stones, therefore it is found in all types of shapes from simple to statement look.
  • Color:  To judge the quality of color of any gemstone, you must see its saturation. Higher saturation makes the color intense and vibrant and thus creates high value of the stone. In the case Rhodolite, raspberry red is the most preferred color.
  • Clarity: Rhodolite can be found without visible inclusions. Look for eye clean gem as it is the price determining factor of its clarity and price. They are usually without any treatment.
  • Carat: It is easy found in all sizes and carat weights. The lower carat value will cost you less and vise a versa.


  1. What is rhodolite worth?

    Superior quality Rhodolite starts from $1000 and can reach upto $7000 per carat. Its color is the prime factor in determining the price.

  2. How can you tell if a garnet is rhodolite?

    Rhodolite has rose raspberry hue which makes it different from red garnets. Rhodolite is the highly prized amongst garnets.

  3. Is rhodolite a hard stone?

    Rhodolite scores 7-7.5 on Moh’s scale which makes them durable gemstone.

  4. Where are rhodolites found?

    Rhodlites are found in USA, Tanzania and North Carolina.

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