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About Rhodolite Bracelets

This gem from garnet family is increasingly gaining poplarity

Rhodolite is a purplish red gemstone belonging to the family of garnets. The name rhodolite originates from the Greek word "rhodon," which means rose. Its rose pink shade makes the stone enticing and more desirable. As its hue is similar to rubies and red beryl, it is often mistaken for them. But Rhodolite is much more affordable than these gems, which is why it has gained more popularity.

Its’ lovely appearance and inexpensive price make it a perfect option to be worn as jewelry. Garnet jewelry has been worn since ancient times by Egyptians and Romans in bracelets and rings. Much later, rhodolite and the specific rose color garnet came into the picture, and since then, Rhodolite jewelry favourite among today’s women.

As we bring stunning Rhodolite Bracelets for you, its your time shine and turn heads. No one can resist appreciating and adoring the radiance created by this gemstone. June woman, whether you like to be known for your elegance or you are someone who likes to flaunt her fashion-faithful taste, you are in the right place. The collection offers a variety of options to choose from.

Rhodolite Bracelets Buying Guide

  • Ideal Color:

    Raspberry-red, rose pink hue with overtones of purple

  • Ideal Clarity:

    Eye clean, without visible inclusions. It is usually without visible inclusions

  • Ideal Cut:

    Fine Cut with Overall Brilliance

  • Carat:

    Increased carat weight will increase the value but prortize quality of color, clarity and cut over carat weight.

Qulaity Grade

Best (AAA): High on brilliance, eye clean, and a medium purplish-red hue.

Better (AA): Moderate brilliance, medium to dark reddish-purple color,tiny inclusions that are not easily visible.

Good (A): Low on brilliance, dark tone of reddish-purple color with moderate inclusions.

FAQs about Rhodolite Bracelets

  1. What is Rhodolite good for ?

    Rhodolite is effective in blood related disorders and signifies overcominf mental trublances and past traumas.

  2. Is rhodolite same as garnet ?

    Rhodolite is a type of garnet, so we can say rhodolite is the same as garnet. It’s a rose-colored garnet.

  3. Which chakra is associated with Rhodolite?

    Heart chakra are associated with rhodolite. By activating that, it helps in the opening up of the heart, which in turn helps in giving and receiving love.

  4. How to take care of rhodolite jewelry ?

    The safest of all methods is warm soapy water and a cotton fabric for cleaning the rhodolite jewelry.

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