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About Drop Earrings

Do you ever get that feminine urge to dress up in the prettiest of your dresses, pair it up with a girlish pair of loud hanging earrings and get ready to take on the world? With such a combination, we’re sure you can kill with your grace. Drop earrings have a feminine and stylish look, making it an appealing pick for women. Talking of the appearance of Drop Earrings, studded with a gemstone, diamond or pearl, they hang gracefully from the earlobe looking fancy and womanly and are usually secured by a post. Got an idea why it is every woman’s favorite pair to be adorned? Every once in a while we get that instinct to embrace the diva we are and what better way to do that than to style it up with a pretty pair of Drop Earrings. What makes them special is their ability to go on any face cut since they have a hanging appearance and look just as pretty!

Be it royalties donning a pair of drop earrings pearl or celebrities wearing diamond studded drop earrings, these can make for a sophisticated look at one moment and look chic the other. See how it goes! Drop earrings for women have been in trend since quite some time now and you must know the hype. Whether you want a minimalist work look or want to make a loud fashion statement, the versatility of Drop earrings has surely got you covered. It also comes in a variety of metal colors: Drop earrings rose gold enhance its feminine look while in yellow gold, it embodies a luxurious luster and who isn’t a fan of simple and classic look of drop earrings white gold, perfect to be worn to work.

Accessorize your way: Drop Earrings shapes

What adds to the versatility of these Drop earrings is that these are available in a wide range of different shapes. Let’s have a look:

Round Gemstone Drop Earrings:

When looking for a minimalist work look, round drop earrings work like a charm! Whether a round drop earring pearl for a sophisticated look or a drop earring studded with round shape garnet for a bold look, these can work efficiently with each of your formal and casual outfits.

Princess Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings:

Princess cut, being close to a geometric square shape, when combined with a drop setup in earrings makes for a graceful feminine pair just like the name suggests to wear on your fancy outings. Aren’t you already familiar with the sparkling combination of Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings?

Oval Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings:

You know the most sought after drop earrings for brides? Oval Drop Earrings without a doubt! When embellished with Alexandrite or Emerald along with Diamond, these make a loud a fancy fashion statement, perfect to be worn on all your big days.

Tear Drop Earrings:

Pear drop or more commonly a pair of tear drop earrings, have been in fashion for their delicate feminine grace. The elegance of a gemstone/diamond studded earring in a falling pattern is sure to please any eye.

Marquise Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings:

Little Marquise shape studded with sparkling Diamond to make for a butterfly drop earrings, how cool does that sound? You can find such beautiful pieces giving a graceful touch to your look for you to embrace the diva that you are!

Heart Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings:

Want to make that special someone feel all the more loved? A Heart Drop Earrings is here to do the work for you! Heart shape itself expresses what you can’t with words and when embellished in a Drop Pattern, these earrings can surely sweep your girl off her feet.

Doll yourself up for any occasion

Since Drop Earrings have a special corner in every woman’s jewelry box, let’s have a look at the different occasions you can don your Drop Earrings to:

Night outs:

We all love going for a night out every once in a while and what better way to level up your fashion statement than donning a pair of Drop Earrings studded with vibrant gemstone or a sparkling Diamond.


We all love going to our offices dressed up formally with a tint of grace and a pair of minimalist drop earring pearl for a sophisticated look can surely do the job for you! See how drop earrings can get your office look covered as well.

Romantic date:

Going for a fancy date night with the love of your life? We bet a pair of drop earrings studded with a subtle glow of Morganite or a Round Tahitian Pearl Drop or even romantic ruby can go great with your pretty date dresses.

Fancy occasions:

Some occasions demand us to make a loud and elaborate fashion statement. For example, if on a hunt for a perfect Drop Earring for wedding, you can adorn Emerald Teardrop Earrings to give a royal touch to your look or even style yourself up with a pair of shoulder length Dangle Drop Earrings studded with an alluring gemstone.


  1. Can you wear drop earrings to work?

    Drop earrings come in a versatile range studded with a gemstone/diamond or pearl, thus making it perfect to be worn on any occasion. For a minimalist work look, you can adorn Drop Earrings pearl adding a sophisticated yet classic touch to the entire look.

  2. Are Drop Earrings comfortable?

    Since Drop Earrings come in such a wide variety, a small minimalist drop earring can be worn on an everyday basis without any discomfort. Being lightweight, a small sized drop earrings don’t feel too heavy on the ear, making these just right to be worn on a regular basis.

  3. How are Drop earrings kept secure?

    Drop Earrings come in a variety of closures ranging from lever backs, fish hook to screw back and hinged clips which help these stay intact to the earlobe comfortably.

  4. What is the difference between dangle and drop earrings?

    People generally confuse themselves between dangle and drop earrings. Well the key difference between these two is their movement. While Drop earrings hang right below the earlobe, these do not swing much and generally have little to no movement and a pair of Dangle Earrings on the other hand, are known to swing a lot more than Drop Earrings. In fact, the name of Dangle Earrings itself is inspired from its dangling movement.

  5. Which metal can you combine with drop earrings?

    Since drop earrings are such a timeless choice for women and nothing comes close to the luxurious look of Gold metal, Drop earrings gold make for a evergreen pair to be teamed up with any outfit. Not just that! Gold comes in a variety of color options including white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. You can easily pick your favorite among the wide lot! While white gold makes for a simple work look, drop earrings rose gold look more unique and feminine and yellow gold metal adds a luster to it.