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About Peridot Wedding Rings

Peridot wedding rings are an amazing collection of rings for women that will an elegant choice to honor the promise of marriage. Peridots resembling the hues of emerald, came to be known as the Evening Emerald. Peridots have been long adorned in jewelry to add a touch of uniqueness which is favored by women across the globe. Our exhilarating collection of peridot wedding bands is a way to make statement of the charming personality of your better half.

Thus in an attempt to diversify our assorted designs of wedding bands for women, our expert team of craftsmen is motivated to curate unique peridot rings by the amalgamation of different gold colors and peridot shapes. Only after quality assurance, our lapidarist craft August birthstone rings for wedding. Select from our peridot band rings to embark on the journey towards a happy married life.

Peridot Wedding Ring Meaning

Peridot is thought to possess the strength and vitality that comes to the wearer along with happiness and warmth.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Peridot Wedding Bands

  • Color: Peridots can range from pure green to yellowish green and greenish yellow color. However, the most preferable hue is olive green while choosing a peridot wedding ring.
  • Clarity: Visible inclusions in peridots like dark spots can greatly affect the price of peridot wedding bands.
  • Cut: Peridots can be easily cut into almost all standard, fancy and designer cuts offered by the lapidarist.
  • Carat: As far as smaller size peridots are considered, they remain relatively inexpensive than the larger pieces with increased carat weight.

Peridot Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is peridot good for a wedding ring?

    Peridot are quite hard and durable for crafting peridot wedding rings for women. Besides, peridots being a beauty to adore make them desirable in jewelry.

  2. How to clean my Peridot Wedding Ring at home?

    Peridot wedding bands cab be easily cleaned by lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft bristle toothbrush should be used to clean the underside of the peridot to enhance the sparkle of the gemstone.

  3. How much will a peridot wedding ring cost me?

    On a rough estimate, the price of peridot wedding rings can fall anywhere between $500 - $1500 depending on the color, cut, clarity and carat of the peridot along with the type of gold used to craft the wedding band for women.

  4. What Chakra, peridot is associated with?

    Wearing peridot rings can activate the heart chakra and is related to the feelings of love and affection making them a perfect choice for the wedding ceremony

  5. What does a peridot wedding ring symbolize?

    Peridot wedding rings are a symbolism of good health and thought to bring harmony in relationships.