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In ancient times, peridot was mistaken for an emerald, and thus it is also known as "evening emerald". Its resemblance to a green emerald and the way it radiates a vivid green color under light makes it appear like an emerald.

Historically, people believed peridot was filled with phenomenal enchanted power. The Ancients said that peridot’s placement with gold makes it reach its highest capability as an amulet that will eliminate nightmares, unnecessary worries, and scary visions. Traditionally, peridot is known to help with relationships and is said to clear the mind of chaotic feelings.

Peridot Healing Properties

Peridot is known for its remarkable healing powers. It is said that just by holding the gemstone, you can feel its therapeutic effect. From a deep sense of calmness to good health, from restful sleep to restored hormonal balance, and from harmony in the body to harmony in the mind and soul, are just some of the benefits you can expect after bringing Peridot into your life. Let’s go a little deeper and learn the secrets of this amazing gemstone.

Physical Healing Properties

Peridot, coming from the deep earth’s mantle and meteors, is nothing but a gift of nature. And any gift from nature would only bring goodness to the Earth and its people. Peridot is no different. The gemstone’s tons of healing properties benefit exceptionally well anyone who uses it.

Ancient physicians considered Peridot to be a natural healer for diseases of the liver, gall bladder, and indigestion. Owing to its lush green color, it has also been associated with the detoxification of the body and mind. It helps with cell and tissue regeneration, metabolism strengthening, and regulation of heart rate and blood pressure by correcting the adrenal and endocrine systems. This gem also treats skin allergies, helps in getting rid of rashes and imparts a healthy glow to the face. In addition to that, peridot has the ability to reduce body aches and body discomfort during fever and child delivery. So new mothers can feel at ease with its soothing effect during contractions.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Peridot, with its emotional healing powers, opens the wearer’s heart and purifies it. The reverberating vibrations of peridot allow you to heal from past wounds and traumas.

Peridot is truly a gem when it comes to mental and emotional healing properties. It ensures you have a peaceful mind in times of anxiety. The stone brings more light and life force to you. You can experience emotional stability with the stone as it reduces mood swings and increases a sense of security. It becomes simple to let go of difficult behaviors and patterns, such as feelings of envy, bitterness, and distress toward someone.Peridot assists in releasing all this unnecessary, weighty baggage that you may have been carrying for years. It teaches your mind to be detached and free.

Peridot alleviates all your stress and anxiety by flushing out all negative emotions from the system. Holding onto feelings of jealousy, resentment, bitterness, and grudges against others can cause unconscious overthinking and deep-seated anxiety. These are the reasons for affected sleep, and emotional imbalance. This twinkling green gemstone will pull you out of the darkness and will make you step into the bright sunlight.

Because peridot helps in achieving mental concentration, it is also known as "The Study Stone". The chain of thousands of thoughts that keep you distracted while doing things that require immense concentration, like studying and reading. Keep the peridot stone or crystal close to you and get the job done effortlessly. This is a gemstone that will give you the required focus and energy you require while doing a difficult task. Highly recommended for academicians and students.

Metaphysical Properties

The peridot gemstone connects with both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra and provides the foundation for balance and stability of mind and body. 

The solar plexus chakra defines your core. Emotions like ego, willpower, and pleasure are regulated by it. If it gets blocked or clogged, the whole sense of being can seem topsy-turvy. You may feel a loss of purpose and motivation in life and may become a person who lacks life force and a sense of worthlessness. Activate and clear out the energies of your chakra with peridot as that will fill you with new energy, enthusiasm, and direction that you’ve been waiting for.

The heart chakra rules the emotions of love, trust, hatred, and doubt that you face every day. An individual with a blocked heart chakra, will struggle in matters of relationships and bonding. You might feel jealousy and fear even when there is no reason to feel it, all because of stuck energies in your heart chakra. When we bury too many emotions inside and don’t give them an outlet, that’s when we feel handicapped in matters of the heart. With the help of peridot gemstone jewelry, you can overcome unwanted destruction and take a leap in your love. The Peridot in your life will make your heart shine like a light.

The appearance of this lively looking stone totally matches its inner potential. It looks even more enthralling in jewelry designs. It is the best way to soak up all its potent properties through direct skin contact. You can get yourself peridot necklace, peridot bracelets, peridot rings, peridot earrings, peridot headbands, cabochons, and other kinds of peridot jewelry. But one has to note that it comes in at 6.7 on the Mohs scale, meaning that the gem is durable enough but not one that you can carry every day. It is of brittle quality. If you plan to buy peridot jewelry, make sure to keep it away from rough or bumpy surfaces and too much heat.

Attain more balance, trust in your heart, and freedom from inner demons of jealousy and guilt, with this gemstone, peridot, that will take you under its sunshine and your whole being will rejoice in happiness.

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