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FAQs about Peridot Bracelets

  1. Are peridots treated?

    Peridots usually do not receive treatments

  2. How to differentiate peridots from emeralds?

    Emerald is a vivid, deep green, whereas peridot is a light green more like an olive.

  3. Who should wear peridot jewelry?

    It is an August birthstone, hence, it is ideal for people with Leo and Virgo zodiac signs.

  4. How to take care of peridot jewelry?

    Peridot is prone to scratching, fractures, and other damages; thus, protect your gemstone in the following ways:

    • Buy your peridot jewelry in a protective setting.
    • Clean them with mild detergent, warm water, and a toothbrush.
    • Take it to a professional jeweler at least twice a year.
    • Save it from ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

About Peridot Bracelets

Famously called "the gem of the sun," peridot is an olive-green colored gemstone. The presence of iron and magnesium gives it a stunning green hue, which makes it stand out in the range of green gemstones. It comes in pure green, deep green, and yellowish green color. Produced under the Earth’s mantle, an increased percentage of iron in the gemstone can make it darker and brown in color.

This August birthstone stands for calmness, purity, and serenity, as its hue reflects the color of nature. It has been loved and used in jewelry since ancient times. They thought it to be a healer and protector, and thus kept the gemstone closer.

You can do the same by wrapping it around your wrists in the form of the peridot bracelet. With our collection of peridot bracelets, you have the chance to flaunt elegance, some soothing green charm, and a style statement that represents you. These beautifully designed peridot bracelets are apt for a casual outing as well as for special occasions.

Peridot Buying Guide

  • Look for the perfect color

    Olive green or grass green, should not change color under artificial light.

  • Check the clarity

    It should be eye-clean without visible inclusions.

  • Observe the cut quality

    A fine cut can make it look stunning. It is easily available in all shapes, like; round, oval princess, marquise, octagon, heart, and cushion cut.

  • Price per carat

    Peridots that are under 5 carats are reasonably priced. As a result, bracelets become the most cost-effective and best way to adorn yourself in peridots. Price per carat ranges from $6 to $31

  • Choose Metal

    Peridot radiates most with yellow or rose gold metal. But out of yellow, rose, and white, choose that which appeals to you the most.