About Vintage Inspired Necklace

Does your soul effortlessly feel drawn towards old world charm kinda jewelry? Then you are at the right place, as we have got some perfectly crafted vintage-style necklaces to sweep you off your feet. This new and fresh vintage-inspired jewelry has the same vibe as antique jewelry but at a much lower price.

Let your passion for pendants find expression here. Each piece in our collection comes with a unique design ranging from halo to art deco, cut work to beaded, and minimal to dramatic. Vintage-style pendant necklaces come adorned with colored gemstones, diamonds, and pearls set in popular shapes like round, oval, emerald, and cushion cuts. Necklaces can be obtained in a metal of your choice, either white, yellow, or rose gold. You can easily find a lovely piece within your price range.

Grab one for yourself and shine a little extra with our vintage-inspired pendant necklaces.

FAQs about Vintage Necklace

  1. What is the difference between vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry?

    Vintage jewelry is originally old jewelry around 50 to 100 years old that has been passed down to generations for its unique design and embellishment. And vintage-inspired jewelry is a new piece made exactly like vintage designs. Vintage-inspired jewelry tends to be more affordable than vintage jewelry.

  2. What is the right occasion to wear vintage-style jewelry?

    Vintage jewelry, because of its elaborate and aesthetic appearance, is suited for both formal wear and special evening outfits.

  3. How should I style a vintage-style necklace?

    Mix and match your vintage necklace with modern ones and layer them, as it gives a chic and stylish look. Or in the vintage category itself, you can combine different types of necklaces to give a unique and eye-catching look.


  4. What is special about vintage designs?

    Vintage-inspired or vintage jewelry is timeless. It was relevant 100 years ago and continues to be significant in current times. The fashion statement made by vintage jewelry is worth flaunting. Vintage jewelry helps build a connection with history. While wearing one can feel being one of the royals from past.

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