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About Classic Necklaces

Our assortment of classic necklaces contains some exquisite pendants that never go out of style. Wearing them is always a win-win situation. Be it a solitaire or halo, art deco or engraved, floral motif or heart shape, three stone or vintage, beaded or in heart shape, each piece is timeless but unique.Also, the array of options gives you an easy way to choose an ideal necklace for yourself. Classic jewelry is simple to choose because it has stood the test of time and always shines.

Few factors that you can consider before making your choice in classic necklaces;

  1. Your budget
  2. Size and carat weight
  3. Birthstone Gem
  4. Kind of occasion for which you are buying jewelry
  5. Your preference in regard to minimal and bold patterns

FAQs about Classic Necklaces

  1. What is classic jewelry?

    Classic jewelry is always in fashion, irrespective of time or year. Like vintage art deco, solitaire has always been a popular choice among women.

  2. Should I invest my money in classic or contemporary/trending jewelry?

    Classic jewelry is the first choice for the most special occasions, like a first birthday or 25th anniversary. Because it doesn’t go out of style, it is the choice for once-in-a-lifetime moments.

    Contemporary jewelry has a casual, lively vibe, which we see being popular among youth. It is given on occasions like a 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary, graduation day, or a 16th birthday.

    Classic jewelry can be worn on bigger occasions, whereas contemporary jewelry is ideal for smaller events.

    Both come with their own significance; investing in both will be our suggestion as a blend between both will make a well-rounded jewelry collection.

  3. How much does classic jewelry cost?

    With Rosec Jewels, we have crafted some exquisite looking classic necklaces to suit your budget. You can find them starting at $400 and going up to $2000, which is quite affordable. The price range will differ based on the carat weight and quality grade of the gemstone.

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