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About Halo Necklaces

Halo pendant necklaces come with sparkling diamonds or moissanites surrounding the main gemstone and giving it a sparkling appearance. Halo is meant to enhance the shimmer and beauty of the gemstone. They contribute to your dazzling and scintillating appearance.

Our collection of halo pendant necklaces comes with a mix of modern, chic, and classic designs. The large assortment has necklaces of different styles like floral halo, double halo, half halo, swirl halo, sunburst halo, and pear halo. The shape of the halo largely depends on the shape of the gemstone and on the motif of the necklace. You get to choose from an array of colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, morganite, rhodolite, amethyst, opals, blue topaz, onyx, spinel, moissanite, and diamonds and from all kinds of alluring shapes like pear, princess, cushion heart, round, and oval cut. Owing to the variety in gems, shapes, and patterns in the halo, our necklaces exude creativity and brilliance.

You can choose halo necklaces based on factors like what carat weight you are looking for and what size will suit your purpose. Also, you can consider your budget and birthstone for an easy choice of gemstone. Each necklace comes with a chain and is composed of 14K solid gold, and you can choose the metal color, yellow, white, or rose, for your choice of pendant necklace.

FAQs about Halo Necklaces

  1. What type of halo necklace should I prefer?

    As halo jewelry spreads its sparkle effortlessly, we would suggest you go for a dainty and minimal one for a formal occasion, and a bold or extravagant one will be ideal for a special and social evening. Also, you can see what motif appeals to you the most as halo comes in various themes like flower, swirl, heart, round, and oval.

  2. Does a halo make the gemstone look bigger?

    Yes, the center gemstone surrounded by diamond or moissanite accents makes the center stone appear larger than the actual size.

  3. How to take care of halo jewelry?

    Halo jewelry needs a little extra care as it comes with accents that are too little. If used roughly, these accents can fall out. Hence, it is advised to clean it with soft fabric after each use and store it in a separate pouch or box.


  4. Is it the right choice to go for halo jewelry?

    Halo jewelry is a must-have in your collection because of the following factors:

    • The larger appearance of the center stone.
    • Intense Sparkling and Glowing appearance that makes it stand out.
    • Cost-effective because you get a larger-looking stone for the price of a smaller one.
    • Protects the center stone.
    • You get a variety of designs within the halo style.
    • A classic choice that never goes out of style.
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