FAQs about Diamond Bracelets

  1. Can you wear a diamond bracelet every day?

    Diamonds are the most durable gemstones with a score of 10 on the Mohs scale, therefore they can be easily worn every day. In fact, many people wear different kinds of diamond jewelry every day.

  2. Can you shower with a diamond bracelet?

    One must remove diamond jewelry before showering as the use of lotions, soaps, and oils can form a thin layer upon them, which can result in a cloudy appearance.

  3. Which diamond is best for a bracelet?

    SI1 and SI2 are the lowest grades that should be accepted in a diamond but do not compromise on cut and color.

  4. In which wrist should I wear diamond bracelet ?

    It is recommended to wear your diamond bracelet in left wrist. As most people are right handed, it is a comfortable to wear it on your non dominant hand.

  5. What should I see while buying diamond jewelry ?

    The 4 Cs ( Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat)

    The shape of the Diamond


    Think about carat weight you would like to buy

    Compare two diamonds if possible

  6. Who should wear diamond bracelet ?

    Diamond is a April birthstone. Hence, it is ideal for Aries zodiac sign. According eastern astrology, Taurus, Libra and Gemini, all three zodiac signs can wear it.

  7. How do I choose my diamond bracelet?

    Ask yourself:

      • Which style do I want?

        Tennis or bangle, cuff or station chain, ornate or simple

      • How do I want my diamond bracelet?

        With only diamonds and with other precious stones

      • How many diamonds do I want in my bracelet?

        A bracelet with a single diamond, a small number of diamonds, or a large number of diamonds.

      • Which metals do I want for my diamond bracelet?

        Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

      • What kind of fit do I want?

        Think about the fit.

        Lastly, choose the quality of diamonds because that will also contribute to the value of any diamond jewelry.

      • How much diamond bracelet cost ?

        At Rosec Jewels, you can procure a diamond bracelet for as low as $ 500 and as high as $ 2500, depending on the design, pattern, and number of diamonds used.

About Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are a must-have in any collection; they're the style statement piece you may not realize you need but do. Styling your outfit with a diamond bracelet is something that will never go wrong, and it will also boost your glam quotient. Whether it's a sports activity or a party in the evening, there is a kind of diamond bracelet for every kind of occasion. The versatility is undoubtedly unmatchable.

Rosec Jewels has a large selection of diamond bracelets, including trendy style bracelets that appeal to the tastes of young modern women, as well as bracelets with classic and bold designs that are appropriate for special occasions. Cute, Diva, or Angel—pick your look style among these diamond bracelets.

Here is your Diamond Bracelet Guide:

Types of Diamond Bracelet

  1. Tennis Bracelet: row of diamonds in same size and same shape, connected by thin and precious metal chain.
  2. Diamond Bangles: they stay at their place and comes in both bold and minimal designs
  3. Station Chain Bracelets: diamonds stationed at different points on the chain, the minimalist look, have been favorite among modern women
  4. Diamond Chain Bracelets: made by connecting links to form a band, they never go out of style.
  5. Diamond Cuff: style where bracelets is open ended, these bracelets can give a stylish look even to a simple outfit.

4 Cs of a Diamond

  • Clarity

    No signs of visible inclusions, VS1,VS2, or higher than this is safest to buy.

  • Color

    Should be colorless, G, H, I and J are the grades for colorless diamonds.

  • Cut

    Excellent cut adds more brilliance and fire. It is the essential factor in determining the value.

  • Carat

    Increase in carat weight will lead to increase in price, it will appear differently in different shapes