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About Vintage inspired Jewelry 

The trend for everything vintage and antique has successfully made its place right to all of our jewelry boxes. And we know how you love every bit of it. That’s why we’re bringing forward a whole catalog of vintage inspired jewelry to fall in love with.

What is Vintage inspired jewelry?

Vintage inspired jewelry, in simple sense, is an antique piece that is reminiscent of fashionable jewelry from a certain era that has been quite popular and is well established in history. That era could go from being 20 to even 200 years old (Victorian era) and the jewelry would look look nothing short of a piece of art.

Meet the styles

The options to choose from in our collection of vintage inspired catalog inclusive of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are endless. All of these are embedded with captivating colored gemstones, pretty pearls and dazzling diamonds. You could gift it to your vintage heart special someone, picking a style that would forever define their style and your love for them.

  • Rings: Vintage rings have, hands down, been the most in trend. The antique style, eye captivating appearance and the hint of royal touch these vintage rings carry make them such a big hit. The most significant styles of these rings from our catalog include:
  1. Victorian ring: A victorian style ring is usually fashioned with a halo, cluster or row of a series of diamonds.
  2. Milgrain detailed rings: A milgrain detailed ring, usually preferred for engagement, is a style with which we fashion your ring with small pieces of metal.
  3. Art Deco Ring: An art deco engagement ring is usually fashioned in an elaborate style with geometric patterns and eye catching abstract styles that seem antique in appearance.
  4. Filigree ring: Traditionally, the oldest style in our catalog with its roots dating back to the Roman times. And the equally intricate design is in a laced pattern with wires of gold interwoven together.
  • Earrings:  A pair of vintage earrings go a long way in exuding unmatched style and timelessness.
  1. Milgrain: Milgrain earrings are intricately designed with small sized gold metal, typically on the borders, that do all the talking.
  2. Filigree: A pair of Filigree earrings, be it stud. dangle or drop, is fashioned with intricate interwoven wires of metal, carrying a hint of antique style right from the Roman era.
  3. Heavy Halo: Earrings that are surrounded by a heavy halo of diamonds/ moissanite, carrying a hint of vintage appearance.
  • Pendant:A vintage inspired pendant not only adds more definition to your necklines but carries an unmatchable fashion appeal:
  1. Filigree: Having been fashioned with a Floral and leaf patterned design along with delicate wires of metal, a Filigree design has become quite a hit over time.
  2. Art Deco: An art deco pendant is created with fine geometric and abstract designs that set these apart.
  3. Gothic: Pendant belonging to the gothic category are usually fashioned with a cross symbol, thus holding great religious value to those who wear them.
  • Bracelets: A Vintage inspired bracelet is nothing short of retro, carrying a wide range of styles right from beaded bracelets to bolo chain bracelets.


  1. How can you tell if a jewelry is vintage?

    A jewelry is said to be vintage if it appears to be between 50-200 years old. When a piece of jewelry is inspired from a certain era, victorian or art deco being the most popular, the vintage jewelry is named after that era.

  2. How do you tell the difference between vintage and antique jewelry?

    While you may confuse yourself between the two thanks to the uncanny resemblance, a vintage jewelry could belong to an era as close as 1980s, that is typically referred to as the modern era, an antique jewelry, on the other hand, is specifically considered to be a piece of jewelry that has crossed the 100 years mark.

  3. How do you style a vintage ring?

    Talking about a vintage ring, you can wear the one with simpler patterns on the pinky finger or thumb, while vintage engagement rings and wedding rings shall be worn on the ring finger as per the tradition.

  4. How can you tell of the quality of a vintage jewelry?

    You can judge the quality of a vintage inspired jewelry by checking if the center stone of the jewelry is certified or not.

  5. Is vintage jewelry in trend?

    Vintage jewelry, thanks to its era specific design, makes for a timeless piece of jewelry that is always in trend.

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