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About Swiss Blue Topaz Necklaces

December Birthstone, the Sky Blue Topaz, is the medium blue variety of Blue Topaz. Its ocean-like hue makes it one of the most stunning stones of today. Its bright blue hue evokes the feeling of a clear sky. Therefore, wearing Swiss blue topaz jewelry is like bringing the brigntness into one’s life.

There are multiple ways of wearing Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry and one of them is adorning yourself with a Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant. The bold and beaming sky blue topaz pendant on your neck will have a mesmerizing affect on everyone around you. The soft shade of blue is winsome in any and every form.

At Rosec Jewels, you can choose from a wide and stylish range of Swiss blue topaz necklaces that have dramatic designs to minimalist ones, from nature-inspired to royal ones, and from vintage-inspired to trendy ones. Gift them to a November woman or buy them for yourself. They will bestow their wearer with inner wisdom and enlightenment.

Your Checklist to buy Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace

  • Color: Lighter than London Blue Topaz and darker than Sky Blue Topaz, this variety of blue topaz reflects the color of aquamarine.
  • Clarity: Swiss Blue Topaz has a translucent and transparent appearance. Choose one that is eye-clean.
  • Cut : Swiss Blue Topaz comes in all kinds of shapes. Go for the one which finely cut and choose the shape that appeals you the most.
  • Carat: Swiss Blue Topaz is easily available in large sizes. The price definitely increases with size, but all in all, Swiss blue topaz remains the least expensive stone.
  • Treatment: Swiss Blue Topaz isn’t completely natural. The colorless topaz receives irradiation and heat treatment to make it achieve the vivid blue color. Hence, the vibrant ones are always enhanced and treated, and no one should tell you it is a 100% natural gemstone.

FAQs about Swiss Blue Topaz

  1. How to take care of Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry?

    In spite of the fact that Swiss Blue Topaz is a hard stone and is unlikely to fade even after treatment, it should be well taken care of. Avoid exposing your jewellery to high heat and protect it from hard knocks. Also, frequently clean it with soapy water and toothbrush.

  2. Who can wear Swiss blue topaz jewelry?

    Swiss Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December and is associated with the 9th and 14th wedding anniversary. It is also connected to the third eye and the throat chakra. Hence, it is ideal for December born, wedding anniversaries, and to activate your energies connected to the mentioned chakras.

  3. What is the difference between Swiss Blue Topaz and blue topaz?

    Swiss Blue Topaz is one of the varieties of blue topaz. Blue topaz comes in various shades and on the basis of those shades, it has been divided majorly in swiss blue topaz, sky blue topaz and london blue topaz.

  4. What is the difference between Swiss Blue Topaz and aquamarine?

    Aquamarine has more color variations than Swiss Blue Topaz as its color is completely natural, unlike blue topaz. While small-sized aquamarine gemstones will be of a pale blue shade, no matter what size you pick in Swiss Blue Topaz, the color will have enough intensity and density.

  5. How can you tell if Swiss Blue Topaz is real ?

    The majority of the Swiss Blue Topaz is free of visible inclusions. So, if you can see imperfections like scratches, cracks, or fractures, then that gemstone is fake.