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About Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelets

The Swiss blue topaz, the gemstone with a cool blue hue, is a December birthstone. It is one of the most beautiful stones available today; its hue is the same as the ocean. Its vivid blue color also reminds one of a clear, bright sky. Wearing Swiss blue topaz jewelry is therefore equivalent to adding brightness to one's life.

You can wear Swiss blue topaz jewelry in a variety of ways, and one of them is by adorning yourself with Swiss blue topaz bracelets. Everyone around you will be mesmerized by your calming and glowing style statement.

You can choose a Swiss blue topaz bracelet for yourself as we have them in every style ranging from dramatic to minimalist, from nature-inspired to regal, and from trendy to vintage-inspired. Solitaire will give you the most sophisticated look, whereas Halo will help you catch everyone’s eye with sparkles. Something classic is ideal for special evenings, and trendy is good to go for casual events. No matter what you choose, each piece is going to be a head-turner and uplifter for you.

Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelet Buying Guide

  • Ideal color:

    Vibrant soft blue

  • Ideal Clarity:

    Eye clean, no visible inclusions

  • Ideal Shapes:

    They come in all shapes.

  • Ideal Cut:

    Well proportioned to enhance overall brilliance.

  • Treatment:

    All forms of topaz receive irradiation and heating

After assessing color, clarity, cut, and carat, these grades are assigned;

  • AAA: Best (Vivid Blue, Finely Cut, Eye Clean, Brilliance From Right Angles)
  • AA: Better (vibrant blue with a lighter tone, eye-clean, finely cut, but a little less in appearance in comparison to AA)
  • A: Good (tiny inclusions, an attractive hue, and well cut)

FAQs about Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelets

  1. Is Swiss Blue Topaz natural?

    Swiss blue topaz is a natural gemstone, but its color is not real. The gemstone undergoes heat treatments and enhancement to give it a specific color.

  2. What does Swiss Blue Topaz mean?

    Swiss blue topaz represents wisdom, communication, and clarity.

  3. Does the color of Swiss Blue Topaz fade?

    Swiss blue topaz is a bright and electric blue color that is attained through irradiation. But it is quite stable and does not fade.

  4. Does Swiss Blue Topaz scratch easily?

    Swiss blue topaz scores 8 on the Mohs scale, so it is a quite durable stone. It is prone to scratches when used roughly.