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About Sky Blue Topaz Necklaces

Sky Blue Topaz with a gentle sky blue color is a December Birthstone. The Sky Blue Topaz Necklace is worn to add some calm and charm to the personality. Its hue is a natural healer, much like looking at the sky is. At Rosec Jewels, you get the benefit of this most adored gemstone in the most stylish manner.

Choose the Sky blue topaz necklace from the vast collection that has infinity, solitaire, halo, vintage inspired, classic, heart-shaped and other styles to make you look your best. The blue topaz necklaces can be gifted on a birthday or wedding anniversary as an expression of love or simply chosen to make your own style statement.

Factors that determine the value of Sky blue topaz

  • Color: This variety of topaz has a very soft hue of sky blue that resonates with the color of the sky.
  • Clarity: Sky Blue Topaz is mostly eye-clean. Thus, you will easily get this gemstone without any visible inclusion.
  • Cut : All kinds of cuts can be found in sky blue topaz, but the essential thing that determines its value and beauty is the quality of that cut.
  • Carat: The large size of the sky blue topaz is as easily available as the small size. With the increase in carat weight, the value of the stone will also increase.

FAQs about Sky Blue Topaz

  1. Is swizz blue topaz heated or enhanced ?

    Most of the sky blue topazes on the market are treated with heat to give them the specific color. As it is a challenge to find a richly saturated blue topaz, the treatment helps get a dense color.

  2. What metals suit a sky blue topaz necklace ?

    Rosec Jewels gives three kinds of metals to choose from, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Appearance wise, white gold suits best with this light colored gemstone, but knowing the contents of each metal, you choose what attracts you the most.

  3. Is Sky Blue Topaz affordable ?

    Yes, as all forms of blue topaz are present in abundance in the market, the price of the gemstone has gone lower than it was before.

  4. How to take care of sky blue topaz jewelry ?

    Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals and clean it with mild dish soap, warm water and wipe it gently with a soft cloth.