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About Sky Blue Topaz Earrings

Doesn’t everybody love the bright blue color of skies? Immensely serene too! Imagine donning a gemstone of that exact color! Sky Blue Topaz Earrings, immersed with the serene sky blue color of skies, can surely remind you of the blissful color of heaven. Sky Blue Topaz, a semi-precious December birthstone, is known to be one of the most unique category of Topaz. Apart from its radiant Sky Blue color, Sky Blue Topaz gemstone is also known to have deep ties with communication and compassion. Since earrings are without any doubt one of the favorite jewelry pieces to adorn among people, the embellishment of Sky Blue Topaz in them makes their value all the more profound.

What’s more timeless than the color blue after all? The best part about this color is that it can go with the most elegant to the most basic of outfits and look just as radiant, making Sky Blue Topaz Earrings a timeless pick for you. The spark is such that it can compel you to go deep into imagination for once. Coming in a wide variety of styles and designs, let’s get to know more about our Sky Blue Topaz Earrings handcrafted by artisans:

Keep up with the trend: Sky Blue Topaz Earrings Styles

Sky Blue Topaz Stud Earrings:

Don’t the color sky blue and stud earrings look just classic together? Since stud earrings are so versatile that they go with look of yours, they make for an ever lasting fashion statement.

Sky Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings:

Since Dangle Earrings make for such an elegant yet trendy fashion statement, the color Sky Blue makes it all the more alluring, just right for your vibrant parties.

Sky Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings:

The effortless look of Hoop Earrings is without any doubt hard to resist and when combined with the embellishment of Sky Blue Topaz, it makes for a vibrant yet vintage look, perfect to be adorned anywhere.

Explore the 4 Cs of Sky Blue Topaz Earrings

  • Cut 

    The shape of Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings ranges from a classic round, oval, baguette to a profound princess and marquise cut.

  • Clarity 

    Just how the name suggests, the color of Sky Blue Topaz Earrings is powder blue, exactly like the skies.

  • Color 

    The clarity of Sky Blue Topaz Earrings is known to be eye clean, making its blue color look all the more radiant.

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Sky Blue Topaz Earrings ranges from 0.01 to around 2 CT.


  1. What makes sky blue topaz special?

    The quality of sky blue topaz is such that it radiates with shine evenly across all of its parts, making it one of the finest gemstones ever. On top of that, since it is quite affordable and readily available, the hype for it is quite undying. Apart from that, it has also been known to promote serenity that you can tell from just a glance, making sky blue topaz earrings one of the most popular picks for women.

  2. How is blue topaz formed?

    Blue Topaz is formed when crystallization occurs in igneous rocks, which is usually formed by flourine bearing vapors. The icy blue color of sky blue topaz is usually formed through irradiation, making Sky Blue topaz one of the most unique gemstone colors belonging to the topaz family.

  3. What does Sky Blue Topaz symbolize?

    Sky Blue Topaz is popularly known as the gemstone of opportunity. That would give you an idea of what meaning it holds spiritually. Having been known to help in finding the right path and having had eternal ties with success, Sky Blue Topaz is also believed to help in fighting fears, self doubts, thus strengthening self confidence and trust.

  4. What are the different shapes in Sky Blue Topaz Earrings?

    The different shapes that Sky Blue Topaz Earrings comes in ranges from a simple round, oval, pear and baguette cut to the most unusual and precise cuts including marquise cut, heart shape and princess cut. Whatever the cut is, the best part is that it is just as radiant.

  5. Are Sky Blue Topaz Earrings expensive?

    The price of Sky Blue Topaz earrings ranges from an inexpensive $300 to a whopping $1500, depending on its carat weight and design. You can find the most affordable to the most luxurious sky blue topaz earrings within this range.

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