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A birthstone of June, Moonstone are the variety of the feldspar group of minerals. With the luminous and glowing texture of Moonstone, these gemstones have been stealing people’s hearts for centuries. Highly treasured for its mystical significance, this gemstone is sought-after for its ability to heighten intuition, foster compassion and awaken feminine energy. You can choose the Moonstone for your engagement ring, thus it stands out as a breathtaking choice for brides-to-be, who desire a unique embodiment of their love.

If you're searching an engagement ring that gleams as brilliantly as your lady luck, there is no better option than exquisite moonstone engagement rings. Radiating with dazzling beauty, our collection boasts a range of vintage, classic, designer, vintage inspired, nature inspired and contemporary designs that will inspire you to capture the moment. Join us as we embark on a journey of these captivating treasures and enduring beauty.

About Moonstone Engagement Rings

With its shiny and divine appearance characterized by a soft, milky surface and ethereal glow illuminated through its interaction with light, the moonstone engagement ring is truly one of a kind. Often linked to the moon, the moonstone is the symbol of spirituality, wisdom, renewal, luck, spirituality, and beauty. If your birthday falls in the month of June, then your birthstone is “Moonstone” that has been referred to as a symbol of moon and frequently associated with the divine feminine, is thought to capture the essence of the moon’s energy, representing serenity, clam and balance to the wearer’s life. Moonstone jewelry are perfect for those who born under the Libra sign, thus it helps for better decision making.

Resembling the moon so closely that ancient beliefs held it to be formed from moonlight rays, it's no wonder why moonstone engagement rings are such an enchanting choice, grabbed the attention with their unmatched allure.

Our Exquisite Collection of Moonstone Engagement Rings

  • Moonstone Solitaire Engagement Rings: - Features a single shiny moonstone gemstone, that grabs all the attention of onlookers with their glossy hues. The solitaire moonstone engagement ring is a simple and classy , making it universally attractive as they are the symbol of forever love. These rings are an ideal selection due to their majestic hues and timeless allure. The multifaceted style guarantees supreme symmetry, ensuring that each cut gleams brilliantly, radiating beauty from every angle.

  • Moonstone Halo Engagement Rings: - Holds an unparalleled beauty, each ring adds a touch of romance and timeless charm, making the side diamonds shine even brighter. Our moonstone halo engagement rings offer a range of elegant styles and precious metals to choose from. The surrounding diamonds or moissanite accentuate the beauty as well as a brilliance of the center moonstone. The shimmery diamond halo brings the focus attention to the sparkling moonstone. With the wide and endless options of design and ring styles, you can get your own dream engagement ring as per your choice.

  • Vintage Inspired Moonstone Engagement Rings: - This vintage-inspired style is drawn in its design from historic eras of Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian eras, highlighting the timeless beauty of this moonstone. This vintage-inspired moonstone engagement ring appeals to couples who are inspired by the allure of antique designs, adding a vintage touch to the engagement rings. Furthermore, you can pair the engagement ring with an antique wedding band to make a charming Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring Set.

  • Moonstone Designer Engagement Rings: - for engagement day, our moonstone designer engagement rings won't go wrong. They are really special, as they feature elaborate designs showing the beauty of the moonstone gems. Made with perfection, our expert artists crafted these moonstone designer rings with fancy details that make the center stone even more shiny and attractive. Some rings have designer patterns that are drawn from old eras, while other rings are graced by small diamonds or moissanite to make them more classic, and can be a perfect companion for your engagement attires.

  • Moonstone Cocktail Engagement Rings: - Large and elaborated rings, mostly cocktail rings include colored center gemstone, diamond accents, and intricate designs. Likewise, our moonstone cocktail rings are bold and flashy, highlighting the beauty of moonstone, with the eye-catching pattern of small diamonds or moissanite. Women can wear them as an engagement ring, that is an ideal choice for brides who want extra glam and a classic appearance on their big day.