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FAQs about Moonstone Bracelets

  1. Is Moonstone enhanced?

    Moonstone is natural, but in rare cases its color can be enhanced.

  2. How do you clean moonstone jewelry?

    Remove your moonstone jewelry while doing tasks like; cleaning and heavy lifting.

    Keep it separately in a jewelry box.

    Save it from ultrasonic and steam cleaners. Clean it with warm, soapy water instead.

  3. Does moonstone break easily?

    Moonstone is prone to chipping or breaking as it is 6 on Mohs scale but if taken care properly, it can last for a long period of time.

  4. Who should wear moonstone jewelry?

    Moonstone is a June birthstone, so it is ideal for June (Gemini) babies.

  5. Is moonstone treated?

    Moonstone is not usually treated as it is free from visible inclusions.

About Moonstone Bracelets

Moonstone, the inspiration for many romantic folk tales and a symbol of everything that the moon stands for; fertility, love, and protection, has a soft white magical white glow like a moonlight. It has been adored since ages for its subtle sheen and high spiritual value.

Moonstone jewelry is the easiest way to keep the moon magic closer to you. Wear the mystic gemstone as a bracelet and experience the inner growth, rejuvenation and transformation. Moonstone is a way to channelize your feminine (nurturing) side and let go of the rigidity that holds you back.

But while making your choice for a moonstone bracelet or moonstone jewelry, you must see following factors.

Moonstone Bracelet Buying Guide

  • Color and Glow of Moonstone

    The transparent stone with the blue sheen is the most valuable.

  • Clarity

    The generally preferred one is transparent, free of inclusions. But the translucent one accentuated the adularescence.

  • Cut

    Earlier moonstones were cut in domed shapes as they best showed the adularescence, but currently faceted moonstones are becoming more popular. Thus, they come in all kinds of shapes like; round, oval, marquise, octagon and princess cut.

  • Carat

    Moonstone comes in various sizes and carat weights. It ranges from $5 to $50 per carat.

  • Durability of Moonstone

    Moonstone scores 6 on the Mohs scale, which indicates that you need to protect your moonstone jewelry from knocks and bumps.

  • Metal for your Moonstone Jewelry

    You get to choose from yellow, rose, and white gold for your moonstone bracelet. Keeping in mind its white hue, white gold looks the best, but yellow and rose gold are no less effective at bringing out its blue sheen.

  • Accent gemstone with Moonstone

    You can choose which gemstone accents you would like to have with your moonstone. As there is no comparison to diamond accents surrounding the main stone, we offer you a variety of moonstone and diamond bracelets.

  • Style of Bracelet

    There are different styles of bracelets that we have made for you, like solitaire, halo, and five-stone bracelets that come with gemstones in various shapes like round, princess cut, oval, and marquise cut.

  • Kind of Bracelet

    The most common bracelets are tennis, station chain, charm, link, cuff, and bangle bracelets. Choose one that is more appropriate for your style statement and the occasion.

  • Grade

    Moonstone is graded after assessing its cut, color and clarity. It is graded in the following manner.

    AAA: Best (vivid blue sheen, transparent appearance, finely cut)

    AA: Better (gray to black, semi-transparent to translucent, visible inclusions) 

    A: Good (dark in appearance, translucent, visible inclusions)