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About Citrine Wedding Rings

The dazzling citrine wedding rings from Rosec Jewels speak of the exceptional beauty of the yellow member of quartz family. The mesmerizing shades of lemon yellow coupled with a brilliant sparkle have been the motivation behind citrine bands for wedding. This amazing birthstone of November is as full of metaphysical benefits as it has charming appearance. And hence, the citrine rings for wedding are a great way to yield meaning to your wedding vows and make them ever memorable.

Rosec Jewels’ citrine wedding rings for women are the fruits of fine and excellent craftsmanship of our jewelry experts. In an attempt to create metamorphosis in jewelry for women, we aim towards blending traditions with latest trends to curate citrine rings that will appeal to the women of all class. A further diversification in our wedding ring styles is achieved by experimenting with different colors of citrine gold ring.

Citrine Wedding Ring Meaning

The citrine rings for wedding are often associated with positive thinking, prosperity and wealth for the wearer.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Citrine Wedding Bands

  • Color: Citrine varies in color ranging from golden yellow, orange to reddish hues. However, a pale or smoky saturation in citrine stone rings is undesirable.
  • Clarity: Citrine being a transparent quartz should have no eye-visible inclusions they tend to degrade the quality of citrine wedding bands.
  • Cut: The lemon quartz is found in large roughs in nature facilitating the cutter to offer any standard and fancy faceted cuts along with beads and cabochons.
  • Carat: Great abundance of the yellow quartz in nature helps in cutting them in sizes fitting for crafting citrine rings with different weight of gemstones.

Citrine Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is citrine good for a wedding ring?

    The November birthstone citrine qualify itself as a befitting gemstone to craft wedding rings for women. The considerable hardness and alluring colors motivates jewelers to craft citrine rings.

  2. What does a citrine wedding ring mean?

    When worn as wedding band rings, citrines can promote happiness and prosperity in the married life of couples.

  3. How much will a citrine wedding band cost me?

    A citrine wedding band will cost you somewhere between $500 - $2000 based on the quality factors of citrine as well as the quality of gold used in crafting the wedding rings for women.

  4. How to clean my citrine wedding band at home?

    One should make sure to use lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent while cleaning citrine wedding band at home. Soft toothbrush or a cotton cloth can be used to clean the underside of the citrine. Avoid using brush directly on the metal surface as it can give rise to scratches on the metal.

  5. Can Citrine be worn in gold?

    Yes, citrine can be be worn in gold, preferably in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Citrine gold rings offer a great durability and diversity to the wedding and engagement rings for women.

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