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FAQs about Citrine Bracelets

  1. How to take care of Citrine jewelry?

    Avoid exposure to high heat; protect from knocks and bumps.

    Do not wear it when applying lotion or creams or while doing cleaning work.

    Store it separately, especially when traveling.

    Clean with warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush to scrub it gently.

  2. How is citrine different from yellow sapphire?

    Sapphire is much harder than citrine, with a Mohs hardness of 9, and is also more durable.

    Though citrine is a more affordable option and also has a desirable brilliance.

  3. How is citrine formed?

    Citrine is a result of heat treated amethyst, which changes its color to yellow and yellowish brown. But the yellow color is stable and doesn’t fade away easily.

  4. Is citrine natural or treated ?

    Citrine is a vibrant gemstone that adds life force and positivity to the wearer’s life. It is also the more affordable and sparkling stone among the yellow colored gemstones.

  5. Why should I buy citrine bracelet?

    Citrine's color is a result of heat treatment done on amethyst. The stone is natural but the color is treated.

About Citrine Bracelets

Citrine, which is popularly known as "a gift from the sun" due to its golden hue and radiance like the sun, is a quartz variety. It comes in a pale yellow to brownish orange color and has a transparent appearance. Its alluring color and durable nature make it the most sought-after gemstone in yellowish and orangish shades. Also, it is considered a perfect alternate for topaz and yellow sapphire.

Citrine is a November birthstone, and what is better than this symbol of warmth for winter babies? As it is believed to be the symbol of joy, light, and enthusiasm, the gemstone is a must-have in your jewelry collection. In addition to that, its vibrant sparkle will get you effortless attention from everyone around.

We have crafted citrine bracelets for you in different styles and patterns, ranging from minimal to bold, from classic to trendy. Make your choice depending on your purpose and style statement. But before you pick one, remember to take care of the following factors.

Citrine Buying Guide Checklist

  • Color

    Medium-saturated orange-yellow.

  • Clarity

    Eye clean, free from visible inclusions.

  • Shapes

    Oval, round, and octagon are some of the most common.

  • Cut

    Symmetrical, well proportioned, with utmost brilliance.