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About Black Onyx Wedding Rings

The exuberant range of black onyx wedding rings by Rosec Jewels is something to lookout for this wedding season. The enthralling uniqueness of the black onyx, a variety of silicon mineral making each wedding band for women a statement of their unique personality. We, at Rosec Jewels ensure utmost care and with keen attention to details, the black onyx rings find their way into the lives of women with a taste for latest jewelry trends and an inclination towards age old traditions.

Enticing engagement rings and wedding bands are delicately crafted featuring black onyx in variety of shapes ranging from round, oval, pear, marquise, cushion etc., and combining them with adorable gold colors. The onyx band rings are crafted after assuring the 4 C’s of Black Onyx. Our experts who are aware of the impact a wedding ring can have in the lives of two love-birds take great pride in designing onyx wedding rings.

Black Onyx Wedding Ring Meaning

In accord with the old Indian and Persian tales, black onyx is believed to protect the wearer from evil. However, black onyx in wedding ring can be a protector for harmony in relationships.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Black Onyx Wedding Bands

  • Color: Black onyx is found in nature either as slightly translucent or fully opaque with the signature black color adored in onyx wedding rings.
  • Clarity: Natural black onyx is usually free from inclusions but while buying black onyx bands for women one must carefully examine the surface polish of the onyx.
  • Cut: Black onyxes are popularly cut into almost all the standard shapes while the presence of attractive bands of color encourages cutters to carve them into cameos and glossy cabochons.
  • Carat: Black onyx are cut into different carat weights to facilitate creation of spectacular black onyx rings.

Black Onyx Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is black onyx good for a wedding ring?

    The considerable hardness and durability of the black onyx makes it quite suitable gemstone to craft amazing onyx wedding rings.

  2. What does a black onyx wedding ring mean?

    When worn as wedding band rings, black onyx is thought to symbolize the love between two people owing to the combination of black and white layers which constitute the black onyx.

  3. How much will a black onyx wedding band cost me?

    An onyx gold band can have a price range of $500 - $1500 depending on quality of the black onyx as well as the type and quality of gold used while crafting the gold wedding rings.

  4. How to clean my black onyx wedding band at home?

    One should make sure to use lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent while cleaning black onyx wedding band at home. Soft toothbrush or a cotton cloth can be used to clean the underside of the onyx. Avoid using brush directly on the metal surface as it can give rise to scratches on the metal.

  5. What is a SGL certificate for black onyx?

    Gemstone certificates are issued on the behalf of any reputed organization like the SGL which are responsible for defining an black onyx in wedding rings based on all the quality factors namely color, clarity, cut and carat.

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