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Black Onyxes are the variety of parallel banded silicate mineral chalcedony. This alternate birthstone of December gets its name from the Greek word of the same spelling which means “fingernail.” Even before Onyxes were used in jewelry, they were used by Egyptians to make bowls and other pottery items.

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Why We Love Black Onyx


Unique Bands

Black onyxes are characterized by the presence of unique parallel white bands which makes each piece unique and different in certain ways.


Multiple Color

Onyxes are found in nature with different band colors for you to pick the right one that fits perfect to your personality.


Symbolism & Meaning

Black Onyx is often associated with strength, promotes concentration and devotion to a cause for the wearer.


Quality Factors



Most onyxes are either slightly translucent or fully opaque. The most common black onyxes are a combination of a black base with white upper layer.



Generally, black onyx is free from any inclusions and the most desirable piece should have a well-polished and reflective surface.



Onyxes can be cut into all the standard shapes available. The presence of attractive bands of color encourages the cutters to carve them into cameos and glossy cabochons.



Black onyx can be cut into sizes of different carat weights depending on size of the rough found in nature generally the primary driver of the price.



How is an Black Onyx formed?

The formation of Black Onyx takes place by the deposition of silica in gas cavities in lava, the result of which is the distinctive bands or stripes observed in the gemstone. The formation gives rise to different shades such as red, orange and brown.

What is difference between lab grown and natural Black Onyxes?

Like most of the gemstones, there is an option to choose between natural and lab-created black onyxes. One must not confuse “lab grown” with the “fake”. While synthetic is a replica the lab grown is developed in a controlled lab environment.

Where do Black Onyxes come from?

Onyx are found at scattered locations all over the world such as Uruguay, bordering regions of Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, Peru and the US. Also, California and Mexico remained a major source for onyxes.

How to take care of Black Onyx Ring?

Black Onyx Ring is quite easy to clean due to their hardness and durability. However, a few things must be kept in mind like avoiding contact of the gemstone with make-up, harsh chemicals, abrasives.
While cleaning the ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the Black Onyx.
Also, the ring must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches.

What is a Black Onyx certification?

The most common Black Onyx Certifications includes from GIA, IGL and HRD labs. It is usually a document you receive on the behalf of the aforementioned 3rd party labs which describes an Black Onyx in all of its characteristics.
Each and every party’s defining grounds may defer.

How much does a 1 Carat Black Onyx cost?

One carat of Black Onyx can fetch average price per carat falling in the range from $1 to $500.


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