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About Men’s Vintage Inspired Wedding Rings

Men’s vintage wedding rings are an epitome of extraordinary vintage era designs that are inspired by the ring styles of the bygone era. The unprecedented wedding ring styles will look amazing sitting on the groom’s finger. The adorable vintage wedding bands preserves the centuries old tradition of exchanging braided reeds which somehow drifted into latest trends of exchanging couple wedding bands.

The artisans and gemologists at Rosec Jewels are the creative hands behind the fine delicacies featured in the wedding bands for men. To bring out an assorted range of vintage rings that appeal to the eyes of beholder, we combine spectacular gemstone cuts and metal embellishments like milgrains, engravings, beads and leaf motifs to decorate our unique wedding bands. We also make it easier for our customers to add their personal touch to our engraved wedding bands.

Things to Consider While Buying Men’s Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands

  • Certified Gemstone: The exceptional vintage wedding rings are characterized by fancy cut diamonds and gemstones used in crafting men’s wedding bands. Therefore, it is crucial for buyers to look for appropriate certifications to ensure the authenticity and ethical sourcing of gemstones.
  • Hallmarked Gold: Gold used for crafting gold wedding bands for men comes into three gold colors, namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold to embellish vintage wedding bands with. The purity of gold can also be checked though the hallmark.
  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: Another important factor of consideration while purchasing wedding rings is the gemstone shape and the respective settings to mount it. Different kinds of standard and fancy shapes like round, oval, princess, heart and many more to choose from. While ring settings like prong settings, channel setting and pavé setting are among the popular settings to consider.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Ring FAQs

  1. What does it mean by vintage wedding ring?

    The wedding bands for men that are designed to revive the old era ring styles. It usually means imitating old ring styles rather than actual age of rings.

  2. Can vintage rings be used as wedding rings?

    The selection of a wedding band for men is totally a subjective choice, however, vintage rings for wedding are befitting to those with a knack for unique and antique look.

  3. How much will a vintage inspired wedding ring cost?

    The prices of vintage wedding rings is subject to the personal choices and budget, yet most people tend to buy vintage rings costing somewhere between 1000-2500$.

  4. What should I look for while buying men’s vintage wedding rings?

    For those looking for unique wedding ring for groom, then you should consider for wedding rings like Art Deco Rings, Vintage Inspired Rings and Estate Rings.

  5. What is gemstone certification?

    The certificate which usually comes with the gemstone jewelry for authenticity of the product. The goal of the SGL certificate is to define gemstone in all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.

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