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Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring

Tahitian Pearl are also known as “Black Pearl” are the most fascinating type of pearl. Offering remarkable colors from light to regal green, iridescent peacock, creamy white, gray, and deep black. Tahitian pearl engagement rings are for brides who admires uniqueness. For the new age brides who slay their “Black and Bold” look. Tahitian pearl exhibits all the natural colors.

Tahitian black pearl ring are full of mystic energies, it’s charm with a knack for ongoing fashion trends makes it the most sought after Black pearl engagement ring. Apart from engagement rings, black pearl wedding ring aka tahitian pearl wedding ring is also captivating hearts of people. The iridescent hue of black pearl is enchanting and watching Rosec Jewel’s collection of black pearl diamond rings over and over would make you go crushing over it’s beauty.

Black Pearl Engagement Rings Meaning

Getting engaged stands for you and your partner vowing each other the lifetime of love, support, care, and faithfulness. And to add more charm to your big day, here is tahitian pearl, which symbolize a token of undying love and affection towards your partner. Black pearl promote contentment and wisdom to the wearers life. Being a birthstone of June, tahitian pearls are believed to warn sensitive people from imminent disaster. If you are proposing to your partner with tahitian pearl and diamond ring, you are promising her to treat like a princess for life!

How Pearl Promise Ring is Different From Pearl Engagement Ring

An eye-catching ring for promise has to be “pearl promise ring”. The serenity and charm a pearl can bring has not comparison. Gifting your partner a pearl infinity ring as promise ring would mean you are promising your partner to be there with them till eternity. The major difference between a pearl promise ring and an engagement ring is that the promise ring indicates that your love for your partner is beyond any condition. And it also suggest that you two might tie a wedding knot in future. While engagement ring is a sure thing that you two are serious about each other and would take your relationship ahead in coming years. Till the time your make a certain decision you can browse our collection of black pearl and diamond ring and overwhelm your partner by presenting a promise ring.

Quality Factors of Tahitian Pearl Engagement Rings

  • Color: Tahitian Pearl is known for its exceptional body colors of black and charcoal gray combed with the peacock or green overtone called iridescent.

  • Size: Tahitian pearl sizes can vary from 8 mm to 18 mm and and are a primary driver of prices of Tahitian pearl rings.

  • Luster: Luster that comes from within a Tahitian pearl through the nacre layers is the most important factor to define the grade of black pearl ring.

  • Surface: Smoother the surface of nacre layer is the higher is the price it will fetch for Tahitian pearl rings.

  • Nacre Quality: A well layered and thick nacre in Tahitian pearl will not just determine the appearance but will also help it last longer over years.

  • Pearl Shape: A perfect round shape is the highest grading score Tahitian pearl can fetch, however, other popular shapes drop, button and baroque don’t quite fall behind.

Why to Buy Tahitian Pearl Engagement Rings Online from Rosec Jewels?

Rosec Jewels is an independent jewelry handcrafting company. We are selling top-notch tahitian pearl jewelry, from wedding rings to vintage black pearl ring, we have everything certified in our store. Offering 30 days free return policy to overwhelm customers all across the globe with happiness, our company is dedicated to give you hustle free services.

Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Is Tahitian pearl a good choice in engagement rings?

    Of course! Why not? Tahitian pearl in an engagement ring can have a great meaning of sincerity to lay down the marriage proposal, however, measuring 2.5-3 on Mohs scale of hardness, the pearls are quite vulnerable to scratches and hence must be carefully worn to avoid any unwanted scratches while wearing Tahitian pearl engagement rings.

  2. What is difference between cultured and natural Tahitian Pearls?

    Tahitian Pearls are formed in nature as a defense mechanism of black lip oysters when an microorganism gets trapped inside them. In case of natural pearls, the formation takes place naturally while as with cultured pearls, whose formation is accelerated with the help of human interventions in cultured water reservoirs.

  3. How to take care of Tahitian Pearl Engagement Rings?

    Black pearl engagement ring should be worn with utmost care and any sort of contact with cosmetics, whatsoever must be avoided. Since the use of hairspray, lotion or perfume can dull the luster of the pearl. After their use, wipe them with soft tissue or cloth before putting them back. The organic gem must be kept in soft cloth bag to help them breathe.

  4. How can I know if my pearl engagement ring is real?

    When you are about to buy Tahitian pearl engagement rings, you should make it a point to check for the certificate which defines the black pearl in all of the quality factors. Also, the authenticity and purity of the gold used in crafting such engagement rings can be checked by the hallmark.

  5. Can Tahitian pearls peel?

    Tahitian pearls are quite soft and might get cracked or scratched if handled carelessly, yet no such issue of peeling is encountered when it comes to the black pearl engagement rings.

  6. Are Black Tahitian pearls valuable?

    Earlier black pearls used to be rare and valuable but due to increased market these days, the black pearls are quite easily available.

  7. What does a black tahitian pearl mean?

    It is a symbol to hope for a broken heart says the legend. Well, black pearl do heal the ailments and dispel the negative energy of the wearer.

  8. Can you wear tahitian pearl Everyday?

    Yes! You can wear it but you need to be little careful as it not prone to scratches. However, if worn with attention,you can wear it everyday.

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