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About South Sea Pearl Engagement Rings

South sea pearl engagement rings from the mesmerizing collection of engagement rings by Rosec Jewels are an exceptional range of pearl engagement rings featuring the soft silvery and gold body colors of the South sea pearl. South sea pearl rings for women are a site to adore which speak for the wonderful creation of this organic gem biological activities of silver and gold lipped oysters. The serene luster of our south sea pearl rings will be an essential addition to the jewelry wardrobe of women with a knack for trending jewelry.

Bearing the enchanting beauty of these pearls in mind, our artisans are dedicated towards curating extraordinary pieces to tend to the needs of women from all walks of life. Combining the delicate hues of south sea pearls and alluring colors of gold, we diversify our range of south sea pearl rings. Other than pearl solitaire rings, our assorted range of vintage rings, promise rings etc. featuring the south sea pearl will definitely make you go gaga.

South Sea Pearl Engagement Ring Meaning

South sea pearl rings symbolize sincerity and innocence, they are believed to bring truth and purity to the wearer.

Quality Factors of South Sea Pearl Engagement Rings

  • Color: South Sea Pearl is characterized by white and gold body color with a secondary overtone when light gets reflected off the surface.
  • Size: South Sea pearl sizes vary from 8 mm to 20 mm and on rare occasion can even be larger. However, sizes above 15 mm are quite rare and expensive for pearl engagement rings.
  • Luster: Luster comes from within a South Sea pearl through the nacre layers and is the most important factor to define the grade of south sea pearl rings.
  • Surface: A smooth surface of the nacre layer of the South Sea pearl will fetch higher prices of south sea pearl engagement rings.
  • Nacre Quality: A well layered and thick nacre in South Sea pearl will not just determine the appearance but will also help it last longer over years.
  • Pearl Shape: A perfect round shape is the highest grading score any pearl can fetch, however, other popular shapes drop, button and baroques don’t quite fall behind.

South Sea Pearl Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Is south sea pearl a good choice in engagement rings?

    South sea pearl in an engagement ring can mean sincerity in relationship to lay down the marriage proposal, however, measuring 2.5-3 on Mohs scale of hardness, the pearls are quite vulnerable to scratches and hence must be carefully worn to avoid any unwanted scratches while wearing south sea pearl engagement rings.

  2. What is difference between cultured and natural South Sea Pearls?

    South Sea Pearls are formed in nature as a defense mechanism of the gold and silver lip oysters when an microorganism gets trapped inside them. In case of natural pearls, the formation takes place naturally while as with cultured pearls, whose formation is accelerated with the help of human interventions in cultured water reservoirs.

  3. How to take care of South Sea Pearl Engagement Rings?

    South sea pearl rings must be worn with utmost care and any sort of contact with cosmetics, whatsoever must be avoided as the use of hairspray, lotion or perfume can dull their luster.

  4. How can I know if my pearl engagement ring is real?

    While buying South Sea pearl engagement rings, you should make it a point to check for the SGL certificate which defines the golden pearl in all of the quality factors.

  5. Can south sea pearls peel?

    South sea pearls are quite soft and might get cracked or scratched if handled carelessly, yet one can rest assured about the peeling when it comes to the golden south sea pearl ring.