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  1. Is Rose Quartz good for an engagement ring?

    With more and more couples turning to unconventional engagement rings, Rose Quartz is emerging as one of the most sought-after gemstones to commemorate the big day with. The reason revolves around the unique aesthetics, meaningful symbolism, and impressive durability of this gemstone. In terms of aesthetics, it offers a feminine appeal owing to its subtle pink hue. Beyond that, it is treasured as a symbol of unconditional love and compassion, which lends it a sense of emotional appeal. 

    As an added advantage, since Rose Quartz is considered a durable gemstone, you can also slip on your beloved Rose Quartz Gold Engagement Ring every day.

  2. Is it okay to wear Rose Quartz Engagement Ring every day?

    Yes, definitely!

    Wearing a Natural Rose Quartz Engagement Ring every day doesn’t come along with many second thoughts or quality concerns. That’s because Rose Quartz possesses an above-par hardness rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which suggests that it is quite durable to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Rose Quartz Engagement Rings

If your precious lady likes all things pretty and pink, a Rose Quartz Engagement Ring seems like the perfect token of love for her. Moreover, we facilitate you with a versatile catalog that boasts several aesthetically pleasing designs to resonate with every sense of style. Let’s get you a step closer to finding the one:

What is a Rose Quartz Engagement Ring?

To help you get to know your Pink Quartz Engagement Ring inside out, let us introduce you to the wonder gemstone that makes it such a prized possession.

Rose Quartz or better described as the Pink color variety of Quartz occurs naturally in the form of crystals. What sets it apart in the world of Pink Gemstones is its subtly romantic hue that ranges from very light to medium pink.

However, the pretty aesthetics of Natural Rose Quartz Engagement Rings aren’t the only thing that will catch your eye. The symbolism that it carries goes on to make it a perfect proposal ring in the true sense. 

Rose Quartz Engagement Ring Meaning and Symbolism

Proposing with a Genuine Rose Quartz Engagement Ring is symbolic of unconditional love, trust, harmony, and compassion. Besides that, true to its pretty pink hue, it signifies gentleness and needless to mention, femininity. Moreover, this wondrous January Birthstone helps in balancing the Heart Chakra.

Having said that, let’s hop on to explore our stunning selection of Rose Quartz and Gold Engagement Rings. Keep scrolling to find the one that she’ll forever treasure.

Our Handcrafted Selection of Rose Quartz Engagement Ring for Women

  • Rose Quartz Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Under a Solitaire Style, the Classic Centerpiece of Rose Quartz steals all the limelight with its enormous size of at least 6 MM. It makes for one of the most timeless tokens of love for conventional couples. While a Rose Quartz Solitaire Engagement Ring looks uniquely understated and feminine (owing to its delicate hue), it also offers the bride-to-be(s) great versatility (thanks to the many shapes it is fashioned in). For instance, while a Round Rose Quartz Ring is meant to exude a classic appeal, the one adorned with fancier cuts like Pear, Marquise, and Princess offers a more contemporary aesthetic. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of couple who likes grand gestures of love (without defying conventions), go for an Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut Rose Quartz Ring.

  • Rose Quartz Halo Engagement Ring

    Meant for the glitzy and glamorous bride-to-be(s), the Halo style boasts a sparkly row of Diamond/Moissanite around the centerpiece of Rose Quartz. However, it doesn’t just lend more brilliance to your ring but goes ahead to infuse more character to it by making it appear larger. It is any day the go-to choice of style for those seeking a Rose Quartz Diamond Engagement Ring (without compromising on the classic appeal that a Solitaire brings along).

  • Rose Quartz Vintage Engagement Ring

    Easily confused for a piece of art that belongs to the old-world era, a Vintage Rose Quartz Engagement Ring is ornamented with designs symbolic of the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian periods. More precisely, it is beautified with intricate metalwork that breathes life into milgrain and filigree detailing, abstract geometric patterns, and old-world floral motifs. The coming together of the Rose Quartz Centerpiece and antique design speaks to the couples who are all about old-school romance.

  • Rose Quartz Two Stone Engagement Ring

    Meant for the contemporary couple, a Toi Et Moi Ring is encased with two stones of Rose Quartz (often identical in size) that are nestled close to each other. If you’re looking to go beyond the ordinary but without compromising on the sentimental appeal, going for a Two Stone Pink Quartz Engagement Ring sounds perfect for you. That’s because apart from its unconventional appeal, it commemorates the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime.

  • Rose Quartz Celtic Ring

    Another old-school yet distinctively unique emblem of love, this ring style incorporates endless knotwork patterns (significant from the Celtic art) that highlight the romantic appeal of Rose Quartz. Symbolically, the never-ending knots in this style celebrate eternal love, lending it a sentimental appeal. Besides that, since the incorporation of knotworks lays extra emphasis on the intricate metalwork, you must select a metal tone that goes best with it. While a Rose Gold Rose Quartz Engagement Ring oozes a feminine cum romantic appeal, the one fashioned in yellow gold speaks to the traditional bride-to-be (owing to its luxurious yellow hue). On the other hand, a White Gold Rose Quartz Engagement Ring appears effortlessly understated and classic.

    FYI: If you wish to save the hunt for a wedding band that doesn’t just go with your engagement ring but enhances its beauty, you’d love to get your hands on our Rose Quartz Engagement Ring Set.