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About Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

Pink tourmaline is a vivacious pink-colored gemstone that is capable of capturing attention effortlessly. Its pretty pink shade has made it a very popular gemstone among women. It is as eye-catching as pink diamonds and sapphires, but much less expensive. This October birthstone is made available here in a stylish collection of bracelets that you will cherish forever.

Go on, channelize your inner diva by picking the best tourmaline bracelet for yourself, though each one of them is worthy of your love. You will find pink tourmaline sparkling in their own glory and pink tourmaline creating brilliance with diamonds around them. Each bracelet expresses its own identity, and thus each one is unique.

Pink Tourmaline Bracelet Buying Guide

  • Color

    Highly Saturated, Intense, and Vivid Pink Color

  • Clarity

    Eye clean or very few visible inclusions

  • Cut

    Symmetrical cut, brilliance from all angles

  • Carat

    Increased carat weight and large size will result in an increased price.

FAQs about Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

  1. What is the significance of pink tourmaline?

    Pink tourmaline is a gemstone of love, compassion, healing and overall well being.

  2. Who can wear pink tourmaline jewelry?

    It is an October birthstone, making it an ideal gemstone for October-born people.

  3. How to take Care of Pink Tourmaline jewelry?

    Keep your tourmaline jewelry in a separate padded box.

    Clean it with warm, soapy water and soft fabric.

    Keep it away from the high heat.

  4. Can I wear pink tourmaline jewelry everyday?

    Yes, pink tourmaline jewelry can be worn everyday as it scores 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Only rough usage of the gemstone should be avoided.

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