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  1. Is pink sapphire expensive?

    Being a rare gemstone, Natural Pink Sapphires tend to be a little expensive. The price also varies with the kind of cut, color, clarity, and carat the gemstone has to offer. In our collection, the cost of a Pink Sapphire Ring ranges between $300 to $1300. However, if you’re getting your hands on a Pink Sapphire Ring on Sale, you can expect to pay a little less.

  2. Which color Sapphire is more expensive- Pink or Blue?

    See-there are two ways of looking at it. If you want a clear-cut answer, Blue Sapphires tend to be on the pricier end thanks to their popularity. But then again, Quality plays a huge role in determining the price of the stone. And quality can vary with each stone (as a result of which, the price also varies). A quick tip: Quality is also something to place great importance on when you set out to buy a Pink Sapphire Ring online.

  3. How can you tell if a pink sapphire is real?

    Telling a Natural Pink Sapphire Ring apart from a fake one isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You just need to rely on the following tried and trusted measures:

    • Check for Bubbles

      When a Pink Sapphire is fake, you’ll witness some bubbles within it. These bubbles are nothing but the result of gas caught in this gemstone during its formation. Make use of a good microscope to check that and you’ll be good to tell the difference.

    • Examine under 10x Magnification

      When a Pink Sapphire is naturally formed, it’s inevitable for it to avoid inclusions from getting trapped. However, it’s hard to detect them from the naked, unaided eye. So, to identify them, subject your sapphire to bright light. Finally, look for the inclusions with a microscope under 10X magnification.

  4. Can you wear a pink sapphire Ring every day?

    Just like any other color variety of Sapphire, Pink Sapphire impresses with its durability. It strikes a hardness rating of 9 out of 10 on Mohs Scale. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the regular wear and tear of this gemstone as much. So, one of the many Pink Sapphire Benefits is that you can wear it every day.

Pink Sapphire Rings

Choose to embrace your femininity every day by slipping on a Pink Sapphire Ring. Moreover, when you’re laying your eyes on a collection so good, it’ll be hard to fall for just one ring. Browse through it and you won’t disagree with us!

What does a Pink Sapphire Ring mean?

Precisely, Pink Sapphire is the Pink Variety of Sapphire gemstone. So, similar to all the other varieties, it is also a member of the corundum family of minerals. Its feminine hue, ranging from pale to a deeper magenta pink, is everything that fetches it such desirability. A trendy way of describing its appeal would be- women, who are into a barbie core aesthetic, would easily love it. On top of that, a Natural Pink Sapphire Ring is considered quite rare, which also elevates its appeal.

If we go beyond its pretty aesthetics, it is also home to many ancient beliefs and symbolism. True to its romantic pink hue, this Sapphire Ring epitomizes intense love and loyalty. It carries ties with the Heart Chakra. Apart from that, it is also a graceful symbol of feminine power. Let us shed more light on Pink Sapphire benefits:

This surreal stone possesses the magical ability to promote compassion and cure the emotional wounds of the past. Since it belongs to the Sapphire family, it goes without saying that Pink Sapphire is also a stone of wisdom, good fortune, spiritual insight, and strength. Not only does it keep you away from any negative thoughts, but also balances blood sugar levels and strengthens the heart.

What’s not to love about this September Birthstone? You tell us! Moving ahead, let’s introduce you to the collection that’ll make you want to buy Pink Sapphire Rings even more:

The Most Versatile Collection of Pink Sapphire Rings

  • Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

    1. Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring

      This Pink Solitaire Ring is brought to life by a Single Centerpiece of Pink Sapphire (that is somewhere around 6-8 MM in size). You can easily call it the most classic, popular, and versatile Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring out there! Moreover, for Solitaire, you have a myriad of shapes offering just as many aesthetics. Be it the Conventional Round, Vintage Emerald, and Asscher or fancier cuts like Marquise, Pear, or Princess, you have a world of options before you. For added appeal, these rings are often designed with floral, infinity, or other beautiful motifs.

    2. Pink Sapphire Halo Ring

      A lot edgier than the Classic Solitaire Ring, a Halo Style features the encircling of a row of Diamonds/Moissanite around the centerpiece of Pink Sapphire. This Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring (The diamond is set in a halo) is all about some extra sparkles. Halo doesn’t just lend more character to the stone but very playfully, tricks our eyes into believing that the stone is larger than its real size. Talk about emphasizing with such preciseness!

    3. Pink Sapphire Vintage Ring

      A Vintage Pink Sapphire Ring brings the bygone Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Eras back to life. Not only does this style reflect upon the beauty of Pink Sapphire, but also incorporates old-world designs like filigree, milgrain, and antique engravings. An Asscher or Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring oozes a Vintage vibe as well. So, if your future spouse is a bit old school, the way to her heart is a Vintage inspired Sapphire Ring.

  • Pink Sapphire Wedding Ring

    1. Pink Sapphire Half Eternity Ring

      Classic cum bold, a Pink Sapphire Half-Eternity Ring is studded with uniformly-sized Pink Sapphires halfway through the band. These can also be accompanied by any other gemstone. If an extra pink pop of color resonates with your sense of style, this ring style could be your best bet. Moreover, the symbolism is true to the style. It represents the kind of love that is never-ending.

    2. Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring

      You would have guessed by now that a Pink Sapphire Eternity Band is pretty much like a half-eternity. The note-worthy difference is that it is studded ENTIRELY with Pink Sapphires. (or for a little extra splash of color, complemented by other gemstones throughout the shank). 

    3. Pink Sapphire Wedding Band

      A Wedding Band featuring Pink Sapphires could be as understated as you want or even be more ornate and showy. So, from a Pink Sapphire Stackable Ring (meant to go with the engagement ring) to the ones with a floating halo or triple row of gemstones, the options before you are countless. 

      If you want your engagement and wedding ring to make for a great couple when worn together, a Pink Sapphire Wedding Set seems like an apt choice.

  • Pink Sapphire Promise Ring

    1. Pink Sapphire Solitaire Promise Ring

      The center stone of Pink Sapphire here takes away all attention, without being too big. It’s typically not more than 4 mm in size. This Sapphire Promise Ring finds itself in the likes of most understated and elegant Promise Rings out there. Though you can find the Solitaire here in as many shapes as might know of, a Pink Sapphire Heart Ring has a place of its own. That’s because it reflects the kind of romance that a promise ring is known for.

    2. Multiple Stone Pink Sapphire Ring

      Worn out of the classic solitaire rings? You always have the option to go for multi-stone sapphire rings. Moreover, they also carry a significant meaning of their own. A Two Stone Pink Sapphire Promise Ring reflects upon the union of two people. While Three-Stone Ring commemorates the couple’s journey of togetherness with each stone representing the past, present, and future, respectively. If you wish to ditch the ordinary entirely, a five-stone ring could be your gateway to it. It epitomizes the five pillars of a beautiful relationship- love, commitment, empathy, communication, and trust. 

      Also, do we even need to introduce you to the many metal tone options you have? And again, deciding on the one eventually boils down to your choice of aesthetics. Go for a white gold pink sapphire ring when you wish to stay low-key and classic with your style. On the contrary, you could rely on rose gold if you want your metal to blend in with the blush-pink hue of sapphire.