About Wedding Matching Band

Wedding bands are the symbol of love and commitment between couples. These bands are worn by a couple on their wedding day and serve as a constant reminder of the true love and connection they share. We at Rosec Jewels handcraft top notch quality wedding matching band for couples. Our exceptional pieces emerged with emotions and we value your trust as much as couples value their pious bond.

Our team works with utmost devotion to make bride and groom happy and satisfied with our wedding matching rings. The matching wedding bands for couples featuring sparkly diamonds or colorful gemstone are all certified. Adhering to the quality, we aim to expand our collection for you to choose your favorite wedding matching bands.

How To Choose Beautiful Matching Wedding Band His and Hers -

Certified Gemstones - To ensure that the diamond or the gemstones studded in your jewelry piece are authentic, only buy certified wedding bands.

Hallmarked Gold - Choose rose gold, white gold or yellow gold of your choice in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold but first ensure that the beautiful gold is hallmarked.

Gemstone Shape and Setting - Gemstones studded in gold band come with different shapes and settings. However, fancy gemstone shapes and settings can bring great diversification to our unique matching wedding bands for his and hers assortment.

Why Choose Matching Wedding Bands for Couples from Rosec Jewels?

Serving as a sign of commitment Rosec Jewels’ wedding bands matching sets are for couples who embrace the union of their marriage. Our array of handcrafted customized design offers conflict-free diamonds and AAA+ gemstones. We make sure our one-of-a-kind wedding bands takes special place in your heart. It is our way of promising you a bond of forever.

Matching Wedding Ring FAQs

  1. What is a wedding matching band?

    Also termed as couple bands set, a wedding matching band is a set of wedding ring pair that has intimate similarity in between both bands.

  2. How do I choose a matching band for my engagement ring?

    Finding a matching wedding band that flawlessly matches your engagement ring needs some considerable factors like matching metals, stone cut and setting.

  3. What are some popular materials for matching wedding bands?

    The most popular choices for wedding matching bands is Gold. It is a classic all time favorite choice for couples and is available in different karats, including 14K and 18K. Yellow, rose, white and gold color options.

  4. Can I have my matching band custom made to fit my engagement ring?

    Of course! Rosec Jewels can handcraft your wedding band as per your desire without any hassle.

  5. Is it necessary to have a matching band for my wedding?

    Pairing matching bands would be a great romantic and intimate idea to showcase your love and bond but it is not necessarily required.

  6. Can I have a matching band even if my partner’s ring is not a traditional wedding band style?

    To do so, your bands need not to match in terms of design or material. Go for a matching band that compliments and reflects your style.

  7. How do I care for my wedding matching band to keep it in good condition?

    Regular cleaning and preventing your wedding band from make up, moisturizer, and deodorant is the best way to keep it in good condition. Though you can also go for professional cleaning.

  8. Can I have engraving added to my matching band?

    Yes, many couples choose to engrave the date of wedding, their initials or a sentimental quote to their band and you can too!

  9. How do I ensure a proper fit when purchasing a wedding matching band?

    The best way to measure your finger is though a ring sizer. Moreover, you can read more in detail here.