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About Gifts Under $ 500

Jewelry carries a great deal of emotional value, probably why it is one of the most sought-after gifts out there. But gifting something so precious comes with its own set of dilemmas with money being something we always have to pay extra heed to. But hey, let’s not running short on budget be an issue and take a close look at one of the best affordable gift options under $500 that are sure to turn many heads.

  • Rings under $500: Rings are no ordinary piece of accessory, they are an emotion that commemorates all special occasions filled with love. Here are a number of pocket-friendly rings you could gift:
  1. Solitaire Ring: Nothing better celebrates a one-of-a-kind love than a solitaire ring, a perfect token of love under $500.
  2. Halo Ring: A halo ring has become another classic, with the main gemstone detailed and defined perfectly with a sparkling halo of diamonds/moissanite. Perfect to be paired with any outfit, thus making for a lovable gift option under $500.
  3. Engagement Ring: If you’re planning to propose, are currently on a tight budget but are in no mood to settle for any ordinary ring, we have a number of options right from a classic solitaire, romantic heart engagement ring to more elaborate Celtic and floral engagement rings, all under $500.
  4. Infinity Ring: Fashioned with the symbol of eternal love: infinity, it makes for a perfect valentine’s, anniversary, and birthday gift for your ladylove.
  5. Promise Ring: Take a promise of lifelong togetherness, by gifting her a promise ring studded with colored gemstones, diamonds, and pearls.
  6. Eternity Ring: Let the eternal love you hold for one another do all the talking with this eternity ring embedded all over with gemstones/diamonds, something you could express your love with.
  • Earrings under $500:  Women can never truly have enough earrings, can we? And that makes it a top gift pick under $ 500.
  1. Stud Earrings: A pair of stud earrings range from the most classic solitaire to romantic heart and infinity shape, two stone earrings making for a heartwarming token of love to swirl earrings radiating a truly bold fashion appeal.
  2. Drop Earrings: Drop Earrings have been one of the most sought-after earrings out there to wear to all your extraordinary parties. These hang just below the earlobe and are a pocket-friendly gift option for all those drop lovers out there! (like who doesn’t?
  3. Animal Earrings: For all the quirky jewelry lovers, no better than a pair of animal earrings under $500.
  4. Hoop Earrings: Right from half hoop to hoop drop earrings, there is no end to gifts under $500.
  • Necklaces under $500: Necklaces are another gift of love that has had romantic connotations since time immemorial. Let’s take a glance at our options:
  1. Solitaire Necklace: Studded with a single stone of different shapes, it is one of the most classic necklaces under $ 500.
  2. Teardrop Necklace: Fashioned with Pear Cut Stone in a dropping tears-like pattern, a teardrop necklace is a true beauty under $500.
  3. Floral Necklace: Who wouldn’t fall for florals? A three-petal necklace or a floral cluster necklace makes for another glamorous gift below $ 500.
  • Bracelets under $500: An elegant piece of accessory she’d forever reminisce you by! Let’s give you a glance at all the bracelets under $500.
  1. Charm Chain Bracelet: Featured right from cross charms to star charms, a charm chain bracelet upscales your fashion game like no other.
  2. Solitaire Bracelet: Fashioned with a single gemstone, a solitaire bracelet is a minimalist everyday piece of accessory, worth it any day under $500.
  3. Evil eye bracelet: An evil eye bracelet has long been believed to ward off evil forces, thus a perfect gift to forever shield your loved ones with.
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