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FAQs about Garnet Bracelets

  1. How to take care of garnet jewelry?

    Clean with mild dish soap and a brush to remove the collected dust. Remove the jewelry while doing household chores or applying lotions and keep it in a separate box.

  2. How do I know if it is garnet or ruby?

    Garnet is darker in tone as compared to ruby. The former one is eye-clean, but the latter one has visible inclusions.

  3. Who can wear garnet jewelry ?

    Garnet is a January birthstone and is associated with the second wedding anniversary. Garnet jewelry can be the perfect gift for a January birthday girl or an anniversary.

  4. Is garnet treated?

    Garnets are not treated or enhanced in any way. The clarity and color of garnet are natural.

About Garnet Bracelets

Garnet is a group of minerals that comes in a variety of chemical compositions and color. It is one of the oldest gemstones, mostly loved and used by ancient Egyptians and Romans for its mystical powers. They believed, it protects travelers, wards off nightmares, and makes relationships better and sweeter.

The word garnet refers to the Latin word ‘grantum’ which means dark red like pomegranate seeds. Earlier, garnets were only of a red color, but now they can be found in almost all colors: red, green, brown, and orange. Red garnets are the most sought-after garnets. They are loved for this vivid hue. Red garnet jewelry is very popular and is widely worn all across the globe. Here, we have got a garnet bracelet collection that includes styles ranging from classic to contemporary and from tennis to solitaires.

Here are few factors that you must know before buying garnet jewelry.

Garnet Jewelry buying checklist

  • Color

    Ideal one is dark red or deep red, or purplish red

  • Clarity

    Ideally it should be eye clean with no visible inclusions

  • Cut

    It should have a well proportioned and symmetrical cut. Garnets easily come in standard shapes like round, oval, cushion, princess, and pear cut.

  • Carat

    Garnet can be found in all standard weights and sizes. The price of red garnets increases with the increase in carat. An increase in size has a large effect on the price.