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There is no doubt, Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful or stunning gemstones that you can ever have. If you want to flaunt it daily with your outfit, then it’s not your fault, Tanzanite attracts everyone’s attention easily.

But are you confused about wearing it every single day?

Let’s find out an appropriate answer.

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Is Tanzanite a Hard Gemstone?

German geologist and miniralogist Friedrich Mohs created a qualitative ordinal scale for minerals in the year of 1812. It was designed to assist in determining a hardness of a gemstone or softness and assign a number between 1 and 10 correspondingly.

10 represented exceptional hardness, and 1 denoted extreme malleability. Tanzanite is one of the many gemstones that are still tested using this scale. Our violet-blue beauty is rated 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This implies that it is unquestionably not as durable as diamond or sapphire. However, it is also not as delicate as a pearl.

Let’s Jump Direct To The Main Question

Yes, if necessary, you can wear tanzanite jewelry every day, but you must wear it extremely carefully. Remember that the flawless cleavage of this jewel suggests that it is prone to chipping or damage from a hard strike. Tanzanite is also prone to brokage due to its chemical structure's sensitivity to abrupt temperature changes.

However, by carefully considering the type of setting you select and, of course, giving it plenty of TLC, you can significantly decrease the probability of harm to this gemstone.

Choose The Protection Setting

Look closely at the type of setting that has been utilized when searching for real tanzanite jewelry. Compared to others, some of them unquestionably offer the gemstone greater protection. For example, the bezel setting protects the jewel by encircling the whole thing with a metal rim. Since there is less chance of breakage and the stone is securely held in place, this setting is especially ideal for people who lead active lives.

If you plan to buy a tanzanite ring, you should also consider the row or channel setting. The stones are held in place with this specific setting between two metal strips. In addition to ensuring the location of tanzanite, this will bring attention onto them.

Get Some Useful Tips

  • Tanzanite can be found in a wide range of cuts and forms. On the other hand, oval, pear, or heart-shaped tanzanite would be a nice choice if you want to wear it every day.

  • Make sure you never put tanzanite jewelry through an ultrasonic or steam cleaning if you decide to purchase it. Use a gentle cloth and mild soap water to clean it at home, or have it professionally cleaned.

  • Tanzanite should be treated like a gem because it is priceless and rare. Set it aside if you plan on cleaning, gardening, playing sports, swimming, or other activities. Additionally, keep it free from all strong chemicals.

  • It is true that fake tanzanites exist; typically, they are composed of colored cubic zirconia or glass. Make sure you always purchase tanzanite jewelry from a reputed brand that will give you a Certificate of Authenticity to prevent being sold a fake.

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