Refund Policy

Refunds made by Rosecjewels.COM will be strictly subject to Rosecjewels.COM terms of cancellation or return or refund.

  • At Rosecjewels.COM we offer 30 day return/replacement policy which is mentioned in our 30 day refund/exchange policy.
  • Customer can cancel the order at any stage before the order is shipped & for this he/she will be provided full refund of amount paid to us.
  • In case of cancellation of any order placed with us by the customer & the payment for so has been previously made, then immediately refund request will be taken & a refund will be initiated within 10 working days.
  • In case of return of any product by the customer, the refund will be based after the inspection of the product. Any disputes arising will be solved after mutual understanding & conversation with the customer & any local participating bodies.
  • In case of payment failure or false deduction of any amount from the customer account, the customer will be provided full refund for that.
  • Any order placed at  Rosecjewels.COM is subject to availability. At any stage order of customer can be cancelled by our team if the ordered product is not available with us. Customer has no right to question or put any kind of blame on  Rosecjewels.COM regarding the cancellation of their order. Any payment made in regards to order placed at  Rosecjewels.COM which has been cancelled by us will be refunded in your bank account within 7-10 working days for which details of customer bank account will be taken for processing NEFT payment through us.
  • In case of any disputed or queries related to refund, customer has to contact customer care at Care@ Rosecjewels.COM 


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