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About Gifts above $2001

Once you have set the budget above $2001, we have a number of gift options you could lay your hands on. Right from the most radiant rings, an elegant collection of earrings, the prettiest pendants to the most beautiful collection of bracelets, we have it all for the fanciest of occasions. Be it engagements, weddings or any other significant moment of your life, we have handpicked pieces for it all. Let’s give you a glance:

  • Rings: Our fancy collection of rings above $2000 is inclusive of the most elaborate and intricate designs that include:
  1. Solitaire Halo Rings: Fashioned with a single stone and enhanced with a well defined halo, a solitaire halo ring is a one of a kind gift, specially when you wish to propose to your ladylove.
  2. Eternity Ring: An eternity ring is embellished with a number of gemstones/diamonds, making for an everlasting token of love for your ladylove.
  3. Wedding Ring Set: A Bridal Ring Set is something that stays close to your heart forever, perfectly commemorating the big day and making for the perfect gift above $2000.
  4. Anniversary Rings: Anniversary coming up? An anniversary ring celebrates your togetherness with pure love, making for a perfect token of love that she’d forever cherish.
  • Earrings:  Our versatile collection of earrings is inclusive of a number of styles with the most significant under $2000 being:
  1. Big Solitaire Stud Earrings: The stud earrings belonging to this category are fashioned with a number of shapes of single stones that are quite large in terms of size, hence making for a perfect gift over $2000 for all occasions.
  2. Bridal Earrings: The elaborate wedding earrings, studded with your favorite gemstones, make for a fancy gift option above $2000.
  • Necklaces: Necklaces, holding great emotional value when presented as a gift, make for a gift she’d forever cherish. Here are your options above $2000:
  1. Heart Pendant: Nothing beats the romance quotient of a Heart Solitaire Pendant, adorned with precious and semi precious gemstones.
  2. Jewelry Set: A Jewelry Set that is fashioned with a big solitaire and crafted with classic to modish designs, makes for a perfect gift of love for all occasions.
  • Bracelets: Be it any occasion, the charm of bracelets including Tennis Bracelet, Floral Bracelets, Bolo and Bangle Bolo Bracelets when presented as a gift is something else.