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Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The pear cut’s teardrop shape is a hybrid of the modern round brilliant and the Marquise Diamond. As pear cut diamonds have one side round and one side pointed. It is a cut rich in heritage, created in the 1400s by a renowned diamond cutter from Belgium.  This diamond shape is commonly used for earring and pendants. Although it gained popularity in the engagement ring much later due to the vintage style.

In pear cut diamonds good symmetry and proportion play a mandatory to achieve a gem that is brilliant. Pear shape diamond has elongating effects on fingers similar to oval cut gems. This Shape is not popular as a Round Diamond, but Pear Shaped Engagement Ring is unique with timeless beauty and romance. Pear cut diamonds are also known as Teardrop Diamonds. The Pear Diamond is elegant and tasteful on its own and it also looks incredible with Pear Shaped Diamond Ring.  

Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

The Ordinary cut of the diamond is very beautiful that will make a Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring. Pear-Cut Diamond Ring is timeless, chic and stands out. The pear cut is also referred to as the ‘Teardrop’ as it has one side round and on side pointed. With the beauty, Pear Cut Diamond's popularity is also due to it appear larger than the actual carat weight. Pear cut diamond allows you to be a little more experimental in comparison to a minimal Round Solitaire Ring. Pear Diamond Halo Ring Setting looks mesmerizing with Pear Cut Diamond, it will maximize the size and sparkle of the ring. Vintage Pear Diamond Ring also has great popularity as pear shape best complements the Art Deco designs and makes them more captivating. 


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