Push Back Earrings

Push Back Earrings


What Are Push Back Earrings?

This is one of the most popular earring back types. It features a post that inserts into a metal fastener behind the ear so that the earring is secured. However, it is infamous because of its looseness and is known to be less effective than the other earring backs.

It is also known as Butterfly due to its unique shape. In these backs, the earring simply slid into the metal fastener holding your earring in place through the use of friction.

Why Choose Push Back Earrings Earrings?

  • Easy to take on and off: They are the easiest and the least time consuming of all the earring back. The post of the earring just needs to slide through to make the earring locked in its place.
  • Affordable: These earring backs are the most affordable and budget friendly. They are the backs in the earrings by default. Posts designed for the push back earrings have a notch at the post which helps keep the backing secure.
  • Variable: They are small and hard- to- see kinds of closures which are not easily seen. They make for a great option for the earlobes that are smaller in size. Though larger push backs are also available which firmly hold the large and heavy earrings into place even if a piercing is stretched and keeps heavy earrings upright.
  • Available: Even if you lose the backs, the push backs are available with almost every jeweller as in they almost always keep the spare pieces. Even if you lose the back, you know you don’t have to worry.

  • Buy Push Back Earrings From Rosec Jewels

    Looking for the fresh and best designs for your push backs? Look no more. Here at Rosec Jewels, we provide you with the ultimate wide variety of push back earrings so that you have the best pieces that give you the worth for your money. We know how important it is for you to experiment and freshen up your looks from time to time. That is exactly why we have come out with our range of Push back earrings that is not only beautiful to look at and feel but is also unique and original which gives you a wide range to choose from. Choose from 14k and 18k gold purity and rose, yellow or white gold for your earrings. Some styles are also available in 10k.

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