Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings


Birthstone Ring From Rosec Jewels

Birthstone rings are unique but nonetheless popular gifting accessories. When you gift a birthstone ring to your loved ones, you wish them amazing health and wellbeing as these rings are supposed to let the positive energies flow in the wearer. Here at Rosec Jewels, we deal in birthstone rings of every month ranging from Garnet to Tanzanite depending on your gifting needs. We also provide customised stackable rings for both men and women.

Significance of Birthstone Rings and Mother’s Birthstone Rings

A birthstone is considered to reflect your personality. A birthstone ring is believed to bring you certain energies that help in the wellbeing of an individual. Different birthstones have different qualities. Mother’s birthstone rings are an unusual way to indicate your pride in your family.  They have a single birthstone or several birthstones that are the indicators of the children and grandchildren of the family whether living or deceased. These rings are worn by the women of the family.

Which Is The Ideal Finger To Wear Birthstone Rings?

Astrologers suggest wearing birthstone rings in the right hand for males (to increase the masculine energies) and in the left hand for females (to increase feminine energies). They say wearing rings in particular hands and fingers affect the energies that the birthstones provide to you.

Birthstones And Their Meanings

January : Garnet stands for Faith, love, and courage
February: Amethyst stands for Strong and loyal relationships
March: Aquamarine stands for Creativity, and hope
April: Diamond, Moissanite stand for commitment, faithfulness, and promise
May: Emerald stands for Wisdom, growth, and patience
June: Pearl stands for Purity, and innocence
July: Ruby stands for Courage, and strength
August: Peridot stands for Strength
September: Sapphire stands for Purity and wisdom
October: Tourmaline stands for Faithfulness and confidence
November: Citrine stands for Love and affection
December: Topaz, Red Onyx, Tanzanite stand for Good fortune and success.


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