Earring Round

Earring Round

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Round Cut Diamond Earrings

A popular shape, Round Cut Diamond has seemed in most of the rings and earring designs. Yes, it is the most expensive diamond shape also, but the sparkles of brilliant round cut diamonds makes it worth buying. Years and years spent in quest of the most facets and allure cut, then the round diamond cut was invented. It consists of 58 facets giving the diamond a circular shape. Round cut diamonds reflect light extraordinarily well.

Gold Round Diamond Earrings for Women

Round cut diamonds hit the priority list, in every category whether it is rings, earrings or pendants. The round diamond looks excellent as earrings. Especially Round Diamond Studs, they have class and elegance, nothing is more gorgeous in comparison to these studs. Round diamond can make the design looks breathtakingly beautiful. Its is higher in price because first, circle cut diamond often required more efforts and second, they are in high demand, but the sparks are worth everything.


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