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Gold Earrings

Gold jewelry is the mixture of pure gold and other metals such as copper, nickel and, zinc. The gold material is calculated in karat(k), this defines the proportion of pure gold to other metals. Gold Earrings are always been bright and attractive. Pure Gold is yellow in color but through the mixing of other metals, we can obtain white and rose gold. The warm colors and designs will make these earrings a perfect accessory for women to glorify their beauty and compliment your look in the perfect way.

Diamond Gold Earrings - 14k and 18k

14k Gold Stud Earrings looks super royal and charismatic, these earrings can blow your mind with their beauty. Gold Metal also suits hoop and drop earring, white gold will give a stylish and shimmery touch to the hoops and drops. And rose gold will an essence of Classic Earrings.


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