Bracelet Gold

Gold Bracelet

Gold is the most preferable metal for bracelets as they are durable and shining which made them perfect fit for jewelry pieces. Gold Charm Bracelets is the most enduring jewelry piece, women love to wear charm bracelets from day to night and stack them with other enchanting accessory. Vintage designs are evokes when sculpted in gold. Vintage Gold Bracelets have their own charisma, gold metal enhance its elegance beautifully.  Gold metal makes the most simple and delicate jewelry, a perfect accompany to your office.

14kt Gold Bracelets

14kt have less pure gold than 18kt. It has more alloy in  mixture, that's why the price of 14kt gold is comparatively less than 18kt. A perfect buy for people who has low budget. quality of gold is the same, and sparkles also, there is a slight color difference in them. You can Custom Gold Bracelets in 14kt gold, these bracelets will look fascinating.


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