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Amethyst Rings

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Amethyst Rings

What is Amethyst ring?

The ring that features Amethyst as the main stone or centrestone is known as Amethyst Ring. Amethyst rings come in many varieties some of which are amethyst heart rings, amethyst cluster rings etc. Amethyst rings are suited to all the metals be it white, yellow or rose gold. It is the february birthstone that imparts calmness and elegance to the wearer. The real amethyst rings are considered to be healing in all aspects of the personality of the wearer.

Is Amethyst Good for an Engagement Ring

Amethyst is pleasant to look at. Purple is considered to be the color of royalty and is supposed to provide a calming effect to the wearer. Amethyst blends well with all the metals and looks great on every skin tone. Amethyst is considered to provide wonderful effects on the physical, emotional, as well as spiritual level. It is said to improve sleep levels, lower down stress levels, balance mood swings, and allow the wearer to have peace of mind along with increased protection from ill thoughts.

Natural Amethyst Rings are a perfect choice as an engagement ring if you want your partner to be healthy and happy while looking royal at the same time.

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