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Ruby Rings

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Ruby Ring And Its Significance ?

Ruby is an alluring red gemstone whose color ranges from pink to blood red. Legend has it that ruby is not a stone but is hardened fire with the power to set hearts aflame! The most valued and sought after ruby is the one in the color pigeon blood.

It is a precious stone (Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald) and is considered to be related with passion, love and fire. Astrologically speaking, ruby rings for men and women can help you in progressing with your career and is said to add passion and fire in the heart of the wearer. Ruby engagement rings are said to represent desires through their deep and rich red color. Some most popular shapes in which ruby is used are as follows.

  • Oval Cut
  • Round Cut
  • Square Shaped
  • Cushion Cut
  • These shapes have different significance for ex., cushion cut rubies are best to give your ring a vintage look. These rings make use of diamond halo and filigree metalwork and don't fail to impress even the modern brides; Round cut rubies go really well alone or in the combination with other stones. Square shaped rubies look great alone or with the combination of other symmetrical cuts. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and is considered very royal and a hard stone. Gold ruby rings are said to last for a lifetime. They are also related to love and passion.

    Is Ruby Good for Engagement Rings?

    Brides nowadays want to choose colored gemstones as their engagement and wedding rings (they surely are not diamonds but they are important and some of the very beautiful gemstones) . What better than a stone that adds fire and helps intensify your relationship with your partner. Since ruby rings are said to infuse passion and fire in the heart of the wearer. It is said that women who chose Ruby in the traditional times had a passion for life and a flair for drama! Ruby is said to kindle the desire in the heart of the wearer. Ruby is thus a perfect stone to go for your engagement rings.

    Ruby looks great with gold (Rose, yellow and white) and is a gem that looks good in all three: Rose gold is a beautiful metal and looks great in ruby engagement rings. The rosy tint in gold looks stunning with the red brilliance of the red stone. It's most commonly used with ruby only rings but it looks spectacular with large Ruby as the centrestone nested between small diamonds. White gold looks stunning with ruby rings in which diamond to ruby ratio is higher or in which ruby is smaller than the diamonds. Yellow gold looks breathtaking with the ruby rings. These are very famous amongst the buyers.

    Buy Ruby Ring from Rosec Jewels

    Also known as the “Stone of Nobility” Ruby is a dazzling beautiful stone that looks great in gold. Here at Rosec Jewels, we offer a wide variety of ruby rings which includes but is not limited to Flower rings, eternity bands, vintage ruby rings, ruby in cushion cut, pear cut, princess cut, heart shape etc. We offer the rings in 10k, 14k and 18k variety.

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