Enriched with the royal blue color and surrounded by the positive aura that has the immense power to change the life of wearer- Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry. The blue sapphire is one of the most desirable and appealing stones that is considered as a symbol of love, care, wisdom and loyalty with the commemoration of prosperity to the person. This sparkling gem has a special importance for its royalty and it was believed that blue sapphire gemstone would protect them from evil’s and envy. Although the Blue Sapphire is unique in itself and has a way more to offer to you in the aspect of health, wealth and prosperity.

What is Blue Sapphire ?

Blue Sapphire Gemstone is one of the astounding colored gemstone that has the allure to always stay in the trends. The reason behind its expanding demand is its vivid colors, rarity and excellent hardness that makes it valued. In terms of price and value, the blue sapphire stone is completely depending upon the quality and size of the stone.

Properties of blue sapphire

  • Gemstone Color- Royal Blue
  • Chakra - All, specifically third eye
  • Number - Vibrates to 6
  • Planets - Saturn and Moon
  • Birthstone - September
  • Bagua areas - Knowledge (Gen)

History Behind Blue Sapphire?

This Sparkling September Stone, Blue Sapphire is ruling the universe from the middle ages. The king and queen of Rome and Greece used to wear these blue gemstone from ancient times to protect their dynasty from evil attacks and envy. Moreover, the Priest or Holy-man in the ancient time believes that these blue sapphire gemstone help the good souls to attract heavenly blessings and good fortune with wealth. Hence, ancient people used to say that one who have this precious stone, always be guard by the good fortune and prosperity never leave them for life long time.

What is the Significance Behind Wearing Blue Sapphire Ring ?

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring has versatile significance that need to know to understand the stone more firmly.

  • As per the Vedic Astrology, Blue Sapphire gemstone jewelry has the power unleash the Chakras. The certain color and frequency of the gemstone which amplifies and resonates the power of specific Chakras and unlock the potential of wearer to the fullest and help them to attract cosmic vibration.
  • One of the foremost reason of wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone Rings as it promote healing of body and mind with vital Chakras. Apart form that it is also believes that it has the power to connect the wearer to their third eye and help them with the flow of notions, thoughts and perceptions.
  • In ancient times, Blue sapphire gemstone was help out in curing the eye-related diseases and give instant relief from the chronic diseases such as fevers,headaches and nosebleeds.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring Jewelry

The Gemstone Ruled by the Saturn planet that’s divine aura ooze a spectacular charm that the power to bring more good deeds and prosperity with a healthy future. When it comes to the Benefits of Blue Sapphire Rings, it is not that easy to count them all in finger or write on the paper, but here we write some of the popular benefits that makes the blue sapphire stone more desirable.

Astrological Benefits

Vedic science has always beliefs on Astrological Benefit of Blue Sapphire or blue color gem. It is one of the fastest-acting gemstone among all the Navratna’s or Jyotish Ratna’s and With its brilliant blue hue, key wearing benefits is summed below.

  • Unlock potential Chakras
  • Wearing a Blue Sapphire rings is helps you to understand your real strength, abilities and hidden talents to take a better advantage of them. It is believed that a person who is involved into the creative professionals such as dancing, singing or scientific research.

  • Act as a shield or protector
  • Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry is beneficial in protecting one from evil eye and enemies as it work as a shield or Armour against them . This gemstone helps the wearer to deal with the surrounding that is full of insecurities, jealousy, fear and anxiety and reduce the buri nazar effect.

  • Aid to Deal with Shani
  • The Saturn or Shani holds an crucial place on every individual life and impact the living as well. Although if someone’s Shani or Saturn placed on wrong place then it can lead undesirable result in their living as well. The blue sapphire is a Stone of Saturn that heal the impact of Shani over your living with the blessing of lord Shani and keep you away from the evil eye.

Health Benefits of Blues Sapphire Jewelry

  • As per the astrological beliefs, the Blue Sapphire Gemstone is beneficial in curing the diseases related bones, tooth paralysis and asthma.
  • One who wear this blue sapphire gemstone get the intense mental peace, clam that enables the brain correctly to make the right decisions. 
  • It also cures the disease like plague or skin diseases. 
  • It enhance the intelligence and patience of wearer. 
  • It improvise working efficiency and make you able to do any sort of work with more consistency 
  • This prevent wearer from stomach related issues and helps in digestion. 

Healing Benefits

Today is the era, where every second person is suffering from mental or physical stress and carrying a baggage of it in their daily lives. This Striking Blue Sapphire helps you in dealing with this mental, emotional and physical Suffering . Let’s have a look at how impactful it is:

  • Mental and Emotional Benefits
  • This Neelam stone aligns your inner self with realms and dominions that develop your self-confidence in a positive manner which in results empowers you to deal with challenges of life. The blue sapphire gemstone ring is a proved emotional healer and give you the strength to control all kinds physic tension and emotional imbalance.

  • Physical healing
  • Wearing a blue Sapphire gemstone ring gives you protection against the numerous health problems such as improve the eye sight, heals the speaking and audibility related problems. This blue sapphire work as a miracle when combine with the modern medical science as it effectively cures nervous system, body and brain. Apart from that, the effective rays of blue sapphire gem gives an instant healing in fever, headache or nose bleeding. improve the balance of vital internal organs and purifies the wearer internal system and remove toxins that is harmful.

Types of Blue Sapphire Gemstone available?

The blue sapphires are categorized upon their color, clarity, origin and cut and peoples beliefs upon them from the old time tale.

  • Kashmir Blue Sapphires
  • Recognized as best in the world for its medium to dark shades that is enough to seize the eye of viewer. Unfortunately their mining was stopped in 1938.

  • Australian blue
  • These precious gemstone is inky in color and usually derived from the Australia's crust which is basically helps in producing light blue sapphire in jewelry making process.

  • Burma Blue Sapphire
  • These Burma blue sapphire are highly renowned for its transparency and the quirky electric blue shade is the trait that makes it desirable for the customer segment.

  • Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Blue Sapphire
  • These Sri Lanka Special blue sapphires are highly recognized and valued for jewelry making. Hence, the Sri Lanka is proved to be the third foremost source of precious blue sapphire stones.

  • Thailand Blue Sapphire
  • These Thailand blue sapphires are naturally mines in dark-blue to greenish blue color in the region of Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi

How to check and identify the blue sapphire stone before buying it?

It is very important to test, check and identify the quality or correctness of the blue sapphire before buying it that is a mandate process. If you are a new to this, then this section will help you in guiding and purchasing a correct blue sapphire for you. A blue sapphire is considered as ineffective or fake if:

  • The outer surface of the gemstone is chipped, has too many formations or has visible cracks.
  • The gemstone doesn't have fine transparency and have no good space for the passing the light.
  • The color is dull, fade in comparison of original blue color.
  • It may have another layer of gem implanted inside the actual gemstone that mistaken as a blue sapphire.
  • If may shows yellow rays at the edges and seems like a blue sapphire but in actual it is an iolite stone.
  • It is important to buy a certified and genuine blue sapphire from a certified seller only.

How To Charge Blue Sapphire ?

With the span of time and regular usage of Blue Sapphire, it may looses its actual shine and spark them make it appealing. The best way to enhance the shelf life of blue gemstone can only be done by recharging it. Here, we have some steps that need to follow in order to charge the stone.

  • Take a bowl full of Gangajal well mixed with black salt / rock salt and dip your gemstone or jewelry
  • After doing this, put the bowl in the temple or under the lord Hanuman’s feet for a night.
  • Next day or early morning, take the jewelry out from the bowl, clean it with clean water and adorn it properly.

Who Should Wear or Who Can Wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone ?

The person who has Saturn placed in 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th house as per the birth chart can wear Blue Sapphire without a doubt. These are the most favorable conditions to unlock blue sapphire power to the next level. Other combinations of planet placement and zodiac sign suggested to wear Blue Sapphire are as follows:

  • Taurus- Placement of Saturn in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house. 
  • Gemini- Placement of Saturn in 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, or 10th house 
  • Cancer- Placement of Saturn in 4th, 7th Tor 11th house 
  • Leo- Placement of Saturn in 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, or 11th house 
  • Virgo- Placement of Saturn in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house 
  • Scorpio- Placement of Saturn in 1st, 4th, 5th, or 9th house. 

What is the Right Way to Wear Neelam or Blue Sapphire Stone ?

While Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone, there are some things that every wearer must keep in mind to bring the prosperity and wealth in their life. Lets have a look at all these and commemorate the blue sapphire in more cherish-able way.

  • It is important to keep in mind that you have to wear blue sapphire gemstones that is engraved in the metal of gold, silver, platinum or Panchdaatu. Although it is believed that these metals when combine with blue sapphire radiates a positive energy that bless you with a good luck. 
  • If you are wearing the Blue Sapphire Gemstone as a ring than it is mandate to don in right hand’s middle finger. 
  • As this blue sapphire is fully dedicated to Saturn so traditionally it believed that it must be worn on Saturday(before or early Sunset) to get the complete benefits of it. 
  • It is highly recommended to wear blue sapphire gemstone that weighs 4-5 carat. 

Side effects of wearing Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Every good thing has a bad side if you play wrong with it. Our favorite and most lovable stone blue sapphire has the side effects too that can be results as a destructive for you. Lets have glance at all these at one sort.

  • The Negativity of Blue Sapphire Stone
  • If the Shani or Saturn is places in wrong direction, this can arise numerous negative impact on wearer. Although it does not mean that this blue sapphire gemstone will not work for you , it clearly signifies that malefic impact of Saturn works against that and convert the radiation into the negative one. Instead of making you positive, it tend to pressurize you in negative mindset or side. Apart form this, it can make Shani angry and led the person toward miserable situation or even death. If you wear milky color blue sapphire gemstone then there is a chances that you may face poverty.

  • Cautions by Gemologist
  • The sacred Gemstone is associated with total 16 flaws, where each flaws cause particular negative impact on the one who is wearing it. one of the most popular flaw of this gemstone is ‘Dudhiya’ that led the loss of reputation, problems to kids or falling from status and many more. Apart from this, it can cause severe problems such as business loss, relationship problems or fever as well.

    In order to avoid these kinds of flaws one must buy a genuine and original gemstone before validation and examining its quality.

Substitutes for Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is one of the expensive gemstone that can easily drill a hole into an average person’s pocket but this can be replicated by the preferable substitutes. These substitutes gems are used so one can easily afford the benefit of blue sapphire gemstone. Lets discuss about these substitutes and their benefits.

  • Blue Topaz
  • Blue topaz gemstone is widely considered as a most suitable substitute for the blue sapphire gemstone that helps in removing Saturn or Shani’s malefic effect from an individual. Make them a better communicator and generally suggested to those people who have problem in expressing their thoughts.

  • Amethyst
  • Blessed with the powers of the Uranus planet, Amethyst jewels holds spiritual abilities and provide the related benefits same as the blue sapphire stone does. This gemstone is way cheaper than Neelam stone and provide the same benefits to the one who wears it.

How to know if blue sapphire gemstone is working for you or not ?

Blue sapphire is a very selective stone that is not so work for every wearer as it connected to the planet Saturn. Although the Blue sapphire gemstone has the immense power to transform a poor into a ruler and a leader into the homeless person. To understand its impact, one can examine or face these things

  • This is a fast acting gemstone which shows its result very quickly. 
  • After wearing blue sapphire ring, if you are feeling normal or usual then it suits you and there is no need to worry about it . 
  • Chances are there that you can get a good profit or Uplifting news that means the stone has started working. 
  • If after wearing this blue sapphire stone, you feel frightful occasions, battles, vicious, diseases or any accident that clearly signifies that it works negatively for you. 

To wrap up

Now you got the idea of Blue sapphire stone in a precise way and you can also explore and experience the Benefits of Blue sapphire jewelry more firmly. A piece of jewelry is a prized possession and blue sapphire is a considerable investment for anyone irrespective of their financial stability. If you are the one who is looking for a genuine Blue sapphire gemstone then you can have a look at our catalog at rosecjewels.com. Here we assure and delicately work to make the purchase hassle-free and ensure you avail the certified gemstone and precious jewelry. Happy Shopping!

November 03, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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