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About Yellow Sapphire Bracelets

Yellow sapphire, one of the sapphire varieties from the Crondum family, is a bright yellowish gemstone that is valued highly for its uplifting brightness and significance. The golden shine of the gem is believed to shun darkness in life and open up new doors. It is a stone of wisdom, luck and abundance. They are not as common as blue sapphire, but they are no less popular or in demand.

Yellow sapphire jewelry comes in different shades, from pale yellow to intense yellow (like gold), and gives a stunning look when embellished on a ring, bracelet, or bracelet. A yellow sapphire bracelet is highly recommended in case you intend to play the cheery and bright accessory game. We have crafted them with varied styles and themes for every woman to be able to find something for herself.

Go ahead and choose the one that appeals to your purpose and occasion, but before that, know a few criteria that you must know before purchasing yellow sapphire jewelry.

Yellow Sapphire Bracelet Buying Guide

  • Ideal Color:

    Color vary in yellow sapphire; pick the one that seems most vibrant to your eyes. The majority of yellow sapphires are enhanced for their color.

  • Ideal Clarity:

    Yellow sapphires have inclusions known as rutile needles. Pick the one that is eye-clean, without visible inclusions.

  • Ideal Cut:

    Cut cut that is proportionate, and enables a gem to reflect light from the right angles. A fine cut enhances the brilliance, and a bad one makes the stone dull.

  • Carat:

    Sapphires are dense, and their increase in carat weight will result in an increase in the price.

  • Grading:

    After assessing Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat

    • AAA: Best
    • AA: Better
    • A: Good

FAQs about Yellow Sapphire Bracelets

  1. Which metal goes best with yellow sapphire?

    The darker shade of yellow gets complimented beautifully with yellow and rose gold metal, and if you are picking the lighter tone, nothing is more ideal than white gold.

  2. Who should wear yellow sapphire?

    Sapphire is a September birthstone and a gem for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

  3. Is yellow sapphire affordable?

    Yes, yellow sapphire is much more affordable to buy. It is cheaper than yellow diamonds, thus making it the perfect inexpensive alternate.

  4. Is yellow sapphire durable?

    Yes, yellow sapphire is one of the most durable stones after diamond. It rates 9 on the Mohs scale.